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San Felipe Weather...Twilight Skies Are Pretty In Pink

Saturday morning's twilight skies are pretty in pink. Sunrise reveals high scattered clouds, 65 degrees at "Weather Central" coming to you from San Felipe proper. The breeze is light, expect high temperatures in the low 80's today. Our days are getting longer, our nights are getting warmer. It's a wonderful day to visit downtown. The Weather Guy can also recommend some time on the Malecon's sea wall, just to watch the activities of San Felipe, the fishermen, tourists & locals. Watching the world go by...San Felipe style.

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San Felipe Weather..."They"Are At It Again.

They (who ever they are) are predicting overcast skies today with high temperatures approaching 80 degrees and a warming and clearing trend over the weekend. They (those guys again) are predicting temperatures as high as 93 degrees...but "they" missed the high temperature prediction by a mile last week. While the weathers not, the Saki's hot. While enjoying an evening stroll on my side of town down Calle Topolobanpo I noticed two new restaurants have popped up, Oshii & The New George's. Stopped in for a quick family style Japanese meal and to my delight Hot Saki!.

The weather in San Felipe may be predictable but the growth of the community is not. We are becoming a great little international community.

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San Felipe Weather...Ho Hum An Other Beautiful Day

Yesterday I described the weather as awesome and I wasn't far off. This is a great time of year to experience San Felipe. Night time temps dropping to 60 and the warmest part of the day should get into the low 80s and down right hot in the sun but the light breeze keeps it all cool. Need more reasons to brighten up your day?

San Francisco: Wet and expecting more wet. The high temp for today falls short of our low.

Portland Oregon, Overcast with freezing rain.

North Pole Alaska: Snowing 10 below.

So NO excuses get out there and enjoy the fabulous weather.

Picture Credit Sean Harrington view of Cantu Cove and Granite Quarry from part way up Mt. Macharro.
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FEDE's: Dining Off the Beaten Path in Puerto Peñasco

Gems Beyond the Tourist District

You have probably driven right by the sign for Fede’s on your way to town from Sandy Beach. Serving locals in their brightly decorated dining room, and delivering call-in orders, Fede’s specializes in breakfast and lunchtime comidas corridas, food “on the run.” A great place for breakfast any day, but especially when the usual places are crowded, or for lunch on your way home from a morning of shopping, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Fede’s experience!
Barbara Rojo Ruíz, la cocinera, serves up a different lunch special each day of the week. Monday’s chilis rellenos and Thursday’s enchiladas suizas, filled with chicken and made with mild green chilies, are absolutely delicious! Served with tossed salad and rice, they make a great meal. For an easy company dinner, order these delicious “white” enchiladas ahead—they will wow your guests!

Fede’s always has home brewed jamaica to drink; this traditional Mexican drink is actually a tea made from hibiscus flowers, and is said to be healthy and full of antioxidants. It is definitely delicious, and may well become your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Plan about $7 each to lunch at Fede’s, including drinks! Open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., except Sundays, Fede’s is located on Calle Franciso Villa, a half a block south of Calle NoReelección. From Sandy Beach, follow Las Palomas Blvd toward town, and take Calle NoReeleción east from the second traffic circle. At the first stop sign, turn right, and go a half a block; Fede’s is the brightly painted little restaurant on your left. Call 383-3419 for take-out or delivery to your home, condominium or hotel. ¡Buen provecho!

San Carlos ... there's always something going on

Casino Night: February 28th from 5:00 - 11:00 at Club Deportivo. There will be dozens of great prizes with proceeds benefiting Rescate.

Chili Cook Off: March 1st from 12:00 - 3:00 at Los Jitos Plaza. A dozen competitors and you'll want to sample them all. You never know what they'll put in the chili ... beer, tequila, hot peppers ... they're all good. A crowd favorite last year was a Canadian chili made with moose meat. Proceeds benefit the SBPA. The Art League will also have paintings for sale.  

Win 4 tickets to Team Mexico vs. Diamondbacks

The Arizona Daily Star is giving away four tickets to the World Baseball Classic exhibition game between Team Mexico and the Arizona Diamondbacks at Tucson Electric Park on March 4.

For a chance to win the tickets enter your contact information at by 5 p.m. on Feb. 27.

San Felipe Weather...Wish You Were Here

Awesome, Just Awesome. That is pretty much my weather report for the day...No time to sit at the computer and come up with witty remarks. The weather is just to good....Going rock hunting!...Wish You Were Here.

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San Carlos Rotary Parade of Homes

Rotary Parade of Homes

By Linda Shiflett, San Carlos

San Carlos Rotary (Club Rotario de San Carlos) will hold its annual “Rotary Parade of Homes” on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. The tour will begin at 1 p.m. at the San Carlos Country Club parking lot. The parade of homes is the major fund-raising event of the San Carlos Rotary. Each year six homes in the San Carlos area are visited. They are selected to give the visitor a unique opportunity to see a wide range of the homes available in San Carlos. Visitors on the tour will be treated to a variety of architectures, furnishings and vistas.

Transportation will be provided and the tour ends with a margarita party at the San Carlos Country Club Palapa followed by a raffle. The raffle will include items donated by local merchants for massages, dinners, sporting activities, gifts for the home, art objects, etc. The cost for the tour will be 200 pesos and includes one raffle ticket. Tickets may be obtained from any Rotarian or can be purchased from 9 a.m. until noon at Banamex. All proceeds from the Parade of Homes goes to the education of students in the San Carlos area.

The San Carlos Rotary Club is an English-speaking Rotary Club whose members are full or part-time residents of San Carlos including Mexican, American and Canadian citizens. Currently, there are about 60 members. Many of their most active members are visiting Rotarians that participate in the club’s activities. The primary focus of the Club is supporting the education of the schoolchildren in the San Carlos community.

The meetings from November until the end of May are every Tuesday at noon at the Marina Terra Hotel in San Carlos, except the last Tuesday of each month when the members' spouses may also attend an evening meeting with the members. These meetings are held at various locations. Visiting Rotarians who wish to attend the evening meeting must contact the club at least one week prior to the meeting. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact Jim Haldeman at 226-0965, or if you are calling from outside of Mexico: 011-52-622-226-0965.

For more information, please visit: email

Jed Ya Seen My Weather Bug?

Waylaid this morning by a bad Internet connection, the day has been steadily warming. Over cast conditions seem to come and go. Partly cloudy and scattered clouds seem to be in our future for the next few day. It surely didn't get as warm yesterday as predicted. I am starting to doubt the relationship between San Felipe weather and the the information posted on the Internet weather sites that are generated in Mexicali & Yuma AZ. I will still refer to until I get some better weather recording equipment on site. For now I am watching old episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies on get some insights on reading reading a Weather Bug from Granny.

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

New changes at the Calexico border crossings coming in 2009

By Bob Ham

For the past three or four years, the City of Calexico and Imperial County have been busy lobbying the federal government to take drastic steps to shorten the wait times at the border crossings that are creating economic and environmental problems in both countries.

I recently met with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials in Calexico to discuss the progress of various measures that are expected to be implemented in the immediate future that are intended to shorten the wait times at the borders.

The first project is the “stacked booth” project. This project will be in operation in June 2009. Simply put, the CBP will set up two booths per inspection lane similar to the way Walmart stores set up their checkout stands. Using this approach, the CBP anticipates an ability to process 40 percent more vehicles for each lane that is converted to double stacking. There will be three lanes at the Calexico West port set up as stacked lanes under this initial test that should be operating by June.

Another operational change that is already being implemented requires all lanes at both Calexico East and Calexico West ports to be open and operating during all peak periods. This seems to be an obvious solution; however, it took several years to implement due to staffing shortages. One result of the massive lobbying effort on behalf of the county has been a massive recruiting and training program, as well as additional benefits for CBP employees who agree to be stationed in Calexico.

Another important initiative that came about as a suggestion from our citizen’s committee is to reroute traffic at the Calexico East port to allow vehicle traffic to use the cargo facility’s inspection lanes at times when the cargo facility is closed. This is particularly important for travelers who visit San Felipe on weekends and return on Sundays. Cargo facilities are closed on weekends, so there will be four additional lanes available for passenger traffic at those times. The CBP has already completed their preparations for this changeover, and are now awaiting the Mexican transportation officials to complete the changes they need to make to enable vehicles to cross over to the cargo ports.

In November, the CBP convinced the cross-border bus companies to reroute their traffic to the less crowded Calexico East port. Calexico West is now able to process much higher amounts of vehicle traffic on the right lane that had previously been tied up as bus passengers were processed in that lane. The East port’s pedestrian area is much better equipped to handle this kind of inspection, and the change is already seeing an improved flow of traffic and shorter lines at both crossings.

Early in 2009, CBP expects to be able to add a SENTRI lane for pedestrian crossers at the Calexico West port of entry. One of the concerns that originally led to the active engagement of Calexico City officials in the effort to shorten these lines was when they noticed the growing length of the pedestrian lines that included many elderly people who cross from Mexicali to obtain medical services in the U.S. and the school children who attend the several private schools in Calexico. During late August and September when the Imperial Valley still experiences triple-digit temperatures, Calexicans were outraged to see these school children and elderly crossers subjected to wait times in the pedestrian lines that were in excess of one hour when the temperature had already reached the 100 degree mark. CBP responded by ensuring that anytime there was a backup that all lanes were staffed, later they added a lane for daily school crossers, and we are thrilled that they are now about to add a lane for SENTRI approved crossers that will shorten the processing time for many daily crossers; thus shortening the total wait time for all pedestrian crossers.

Many of us who have had SENTRI passes for some time have started to complain that even this program is now beginning to see lines in excess of 20 minutes and sometimes as long as one hour. Well, the good news is that CBP expects to be able to open a second SENTRI lane in the Calexico West port early in 2009 and are hopeful that they will be able to work with Mexico on a way to create a lane to access a new SENTRI lane at the East port of entry later in 2009.

Crossers at the Calexico East port most likely noticed some construction at that port. This project is part of a larger project known as the Western Hemisphere Initiative. Radio Frequency Identification Document (RFID) readers were installed at each lane and went into operation during December 2008. These readers are similar to the ones already used at the SENTRI lanes where documents like the SENTRI cards, the new passports, and new border-crossing visas that are issued to Mexican nationals can be scanned using this high-tech equipment to decrease the amount of time an officer needs to inspect persons attempting to cross the border.

Besides being able to more quickly process all of the traffic at the border crossings, this new RFID equipment will enable the CBP to increase the number of SENTRI lanes available during peak periods so the SENTRI program will always be able to deliver on the promise to keep border wait times to a minimum for those who take the time to sign up for this “trusted traveler” program. The equipment will be installed at the Calexico West port by the first quarter of 2009.

There are also other major construction plans for both ports. As early as 2010 we can look forward to a doubling of the number of inspection lanes available at Calexico West.

Bob Ham is a resident of Campo Las Arenas in San Felipe, where he has had a home since 1992 (he previously had another home in town since 1987). Bob is the Director of Intergovernmental Relations for the County of Imperial and also serves as the Executive Director of the Imperial County Association of Governments, which is the transportation planning agency for the county and the liaison with the municipality of Mexicali and Baja California State for coordinating transportation issues including working on improving traffic flow to and through the ports of entry.

A Slightly Salty Shade Tree

A Slightly Salty Shade Tree

Naomi Black

In the coolness beneath a giant salt cedar tree, I look up at the towering tree and think what a great shade this is! However, not everyone would agree. The salt cedar, an evergreen with gray-green foliage, which may grow to 18 meters in height, is in the family of tamarisk that includes over 50 species. However, many scientists, environmentalists and researchers view this family of tamarisk as a despised enemy!

The salt cedar thrives in alkaline and saline soils and can tolerate high levels of salt and is often found in the lowland shores of Sonora and Baja California. The salt cedar is a fast-growing tree which may grow four meters in a single growing season! The adult salt cedar is remarkably tolerant to stress, including heat, cold, drought and flood.

The salt cedar doesn’t exclude salt intake by roots, as do other plants. It actually transports salt from the groundwater up into its leaves. The leaves are dotted with salt-excreting glands which cause them to become encrusted with salty secretions. Year after year, the salt-drenched leaves drop beneath the tree and the salinity beneath the tree increases tremendously. In areas where there is little rainfall or flooding, the soil will not get flushed of this overabundance of salt. In time, the soil around the tree is not conducive to other plant growth. These trees are extremely invasive, competing successfully and aggressively overwhelming all other native plants.

Salt cedars are popular shade trees and used as windbreaks in the southern United States and Northern Mexico; yet many environmental groups consider the species as a whole to be an unwanted guest. In the United States, people known as “tammywackers” spend their day trying to eradicate stands of tamarisk, pulling the plants up by the roots or cutting them down and painting a solution on the stumps to prevent regrowth. Other scientists believe that introducing the Diorhabda beetle, a beetle which basically kills off tamarisks, might be a viable solution. These beetles have already been introduced in areas such as Texas, and recent studies are underway to research a similar release of these beetles in Northern Mexico.

So the next time you sit under a giant, shady (and perhaps to some, unwanted) salt cedar, just look at the leaves . . . that salty residue may just be tears.

San Felipe Weather ...Partly Sunny

For all of you who can't just step out onto your porch and predict today's weather, it is overcast in San Felipe this morning. Partly cloudy is the call, but that also means partly sunny, with a spike in the temperature to as high as 91 degrees. The only thing we can count on in this down economy is that the temperature in San Felipe will go up. Steady light breeze from the north east, and 40% humidity reported from Yuma. My humidity meter regularly registers higher humidity levels than any of the weather reporting stations...I'll have to have it looked at.

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

Three Women Winery is a Unique Venue

Three Women Winery is a Unique Venue
by Steve Dryden

[Three Women: l-r-Laura, Eva, Ivette]

Three Women Winery or Tres Mujeres is a favorite wine tasting adventure for those who love artisan wine, country hospitality and intimate conversations with the winemakers. This cozy little winery is located on Highway 3, along the Tecate-Ensenada wine route near km marker 87. Drive between the rock columns at the entrance to the drive and follow the road to the left towards the foothills. Don’t be confused by the winery and vineyards to the right, keep going to the left another half mile past the Three Women tile sign and you’ll find some wonderful people and excellent handmade wines. The big news is that all the artisan wines sold there are only $20 USD.

Eva Cotero Altamirano, Ivette Vaillard, and Laura Mac Gregor Garcia are the original Three Women or Tres Mujeres. Today there are six women and two “token” men involved at the cooperative winery. Eva is a top research oceanographer in Mexico and has a cult following for her premium handcrafted wines. Currently she creates three excellent wines: 100% Tempranillo—Besod’eva 2006, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon—Ibi, and 100% Merlot—Isme. She’s increased her bottle aging to one year with great results, creating superior quality.

Laura is getting very serious about her craft. In fact, this year she’s taken classes in enology and viticulture from UABC in Ensenada where she’s received her most recent certification. Her two newest premium wines, 100% Tempranillo and 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, are excellent and fully reflect her intense focus on creating high quality artisan wine.

Ivette currently handcrafts 2006 and 2007 vintage wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, and Terrazas and Grenache. She states, “The Cabernet Sauvignon complements the old vine Grenache well. I craft my wines to be drinkable at a young age, light in body and fruit forward. I listen to what my clients want, and this is what most of them desire in my artisan wine.” Her wines are popular with many guests who are looking for a light-bodied, easy to drink wine that will pair nicely with most foods.

One of the men in this female wine cooperative is Aime Desponds, a former gourmet chef in Mexico City and in Tustin, California. Having built a cob home of clay, under the warm sun of Valle de Guadalupe, he’s designed an appropriate wine label called Sol Y Barro or Sun and Clay. His 2007 blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sarah is stunning! Currently his “bottled treasures of delight” can be purchased only at the winery and for a limited period of time due to a small, select production.

Tres Mujeres winery is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. You’ll have to visit the winery to find and purchase their wines, but it’s well worth the effort as the wines are very good and the hospitality unsurpassed.

Steve Dryden is a wine, food and travel writer living in Guadalupe Valley where he guides individual and small group wine tours. He books wine country lodging and can be reached at

San Felipe Weather...Mexico Living.

Ahhh Mexico Living, yesterday was surely one of those days. The temperatures took a lovely jump into the low 80's with barely a whisper of wind. The streets were full of Carnaval festivities and as the sun went down and the moon came up the temperature hovered around a pleasant 65 degrees. Dropped into the V Lounge to check the temperature of the social scene. Scott & Randy have added a dart machine and Foosball table and are probably looking for more space, as their lounge is regularly well attended. It was a pleasant night for my stroll home. As I buttoned up the computer at midnight it was still 65 degrees as it is still while I am writing this morning. While the cloud cover could be thicker today & tomorrow we are still forecasted to be in a warming trend that will peak (briefly) on Tuesday into the low 90's. It has been a Go Do It Weekend, so Go Do It!

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

Playa del Paraiso is on the move

Playa del Paraiso is on the move

San Felipe - Over the last 90 days Playa del Paraiso construction has been moving forward and there has been a lot of activity. They've now connected the main sewer line to the city sewer system to serve the entire project and the final connection for city water should be completed within days. The electrical connections are now completed and awaiting city connection.

The interior drywall installation is nearly completed with doors and windows, bath and floor tile, and kitchen cabinets are being installed. The exterior is prepared for paint. The first two elevators are to be installed once the power from the city is completed. The designs for the pool, parking and common area are in final review and pool equipment room modification is under construction now.

Playa del Paraiso is committed to unparalleled design and craftsmanship, and feel they will be the premier condo/hotel with the finest accommodations San Felipe has to offer. You can obtain additional information at

Casino Royal, Las Amigas style!

San Felipe - In February on lucky Friday the 13th, Club “Las Amigas” held the annual “Casino Day” in The Lodge at Campo Ocotillo. There were plenty of games to entertain even the most sophisticated gambler. A real Crap table and Roulette wheel. Bingo for the faint at heart and seven (7) Black Jack tables and two (2) ‘Texas Hold’em” tables. The winning chips were then used for the live auction of many donated items.

Thanks to Kuchi and her local girlfriends for serving up lunch of tamalies and burritos. The proceeds, as always, go to further the education of the children of San Felipe. Las Amigas, along with private corporate contributions, currently sponsor 37 University students with a 5 year scholarship.Total $6,000. per student, distributed at $100.00 per month.

Additionally, Club Las Amigas oversees the distribution of funds for over 200 private sponsors serving 270 middle school scholarships (Secundaria) at a cost of $100 per year, per student.

Las Amigas meets on the 2nd and 4th Wed. each month from October thru May. Please visit our web site at:

Sonoran History: Terecita


By Lynn Prince

Local balladeer Eric Holland has written a captivating song entitled Teresita, about a green-eyed Yaqui Queen. In conversation with Holland, I found Teresita to be one of Sonora’s most interesting, but little known, historical figures. Her intoxicating story is a panoramic sweep about the clash of cultures, politics and corruption, religion and spirituality, love and heartbreak found in one extraordinary literary accomplishment entitled The Hummingbird's Daughter, written by Mexico’s acclaimed writer Luis Urrea, of whom Teresita was his great-aunt. Thousands of miles were traveled in the 20 years of research Urrea put into this epic fictitious novel that is rooted in historical truth.

Teresita was born in 1873 in Sinaloa when the fierce northern tribes were being systematically annihilated in a war of attrition. She was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy rancher, Don Tomás Urrea. An involvement in a failed political maneuver to break President Diaz’s dictatorial grip on the country forced Urrea, under threat of death, to uproot the entire ranch and move to Sonora, where he owned two sprawling cattle ranches outside of Guaymas.

An old Indian woman, Huila, head of the ranch’s domestic staff, recognized the remarkable powers that Teresita would exhibit on occasion and taught her the use of herbs and plants. During midwifing rounds her remarkable gift of putting women in labor in a trance, so they could have painless childbirths, began to manifest itself.

In 1889 a ranch hand brutally assaulted Teresita and she died after 12 days in a coma. After lying in repose for three days, she suddenly sat up and was restored to life as the women prepared her body for burial. She claimed she had met God on the “other side” and would be given a gift of healing to help the poor and hopeless.

As local curandera, her reputation flourished with the miracles that occurred. At times ten thousand people would be camped out on Cabora, the huge Urrea ranch, hoping for a healing touch from “Saint Teresita of Cabora.”

Death claimed her at the age of 33 and the Indians took her body to a crystal cave in the desert of Sonora where it is said her body lies uncorrupted and guarded by a cadre of elite Yaqui warriors to this day.

Teresita has not been forgotten by the people of Mexico and is still highly esteemed and honored in scores of communities.

San Felipe Weather...Cloud Cover and Festival

The clouds never materialized last night. The weather for the opening of Festival was perfect. Temps this morning are in the mid 60's, and the wind is pretty calm. The cloud cover has arrived and is expected to hang around for the next few days, with the sun peaking through now and then. Plenty nice enough to stroll the Malecone and enjoy the festivities. Our gang is going to do guy stuff and check out the crazy moto-cycle stunts out by the airport today (supposed to start before noon) and then the sand drags tomorrow.

Warm enough, less wind, plenty to do. What's not to like?

Our Gang photo courtesy of "Domino"

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Mexicali Underpass Is Open!

You no longer have to take the Mexicali detour, bcause the underpass is now OPEN at the Costco / Mega shopping center. It is now a straight shot to and from San Felipe to the border.

Looks great!

San Felipe Weather...Tonight: Loud & Festive

Yesterday's breeze threatened to become one of our blinding mountain hiding dust and sand in your eyes daze, but we lucked out and only got what Winnie The Poo would refer to as blustery.

This morning is gorgeous with sunny skies, forever vistas and a lite breeze. This evening the forecast is for increased clouds that may trap some of today's expected higher temperatures making for a pleasant evening on the Malecon for the beginning of Festival. The Battle Of The Bands is scheduled for this evening so my prediction is Warmer, Dark, Festive and LOUD!
Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

March 21, 2009 Caminata Contra El Cancer

Sponsored by Rotary Club of San Felipe, SFARP and Club Las Amigas 

We’ll have a ball celebrating the completion of our 2009 walk!   
The celebration at the Malecon will be hosted by Emcee, Denny Flannigan and our favorite lady Kuchy. 

Awesome eats!   Get ready to be treated to a wonderful meal prepared and generously donated by the family of Rosa Lina Ramos Mazcano.  Just be sure to save room for one of Mario’s famous Hot Dogs too!  Another favorite, the Folkloric Dancers will be back to entertain us with their great dance show. 

Then, get ready to do some bidding.  For something a little different this year, we’re doing a “Live Auction” of some great items you’ll want to bid on! We also have a raffle draw for some beautiful hand crafted items including a handmade quilt. 

You want to be there, don’t you?!   We want you there too BUT, you’ll have to “walk the walk” to join in the celebration!    We’ve added two more registration locations: Tuesdays@ YET Mail and Thursdays @ Sun Runner 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  

El Dorado Ranch Charity Events

Letter from Pat & Doreen Butler, owners of El Dorado Ranch, La Ventana
del Mar and Las Caras de Mexico Championship Golf Course to their

Dear El Dorado Ranch Owner

Just a quick note to let you know about the Third International Blues
and Arts Fiesta to be held as the San Felipe Baseball Stadium on
Saturday, March 28th. Check out to see
all the event has to offer and to buy your tickets. The Lions Club is
a worthwhile organization and very important part of San Felipe and El
Dorado Ranch has supported this organization since its inception.

In conjunction with this Fiesta, Universal Golf Foundation will be
hosting a golf tournament Mar 26-29, 2009 to benefit Sonshine
Hacienda, A Children's Center for San Felipe. The tournament will be
at Las Caras de Mexico Championship Golf Course. March 26-VIP Pairing
Party, March 27-Celebrity Challenge, March 29-Charity Golf Classic
Shot Gun Start Scramble Format. For more information contact D'Andre
White at

Be a part of what is happening in at El Dorado Ranch and San Felipe.
If we can assist in planning this weekend get away please contact us
at 800-404-2599.

San Felipe Weather...Feelin Groovy

In case you missed it last night's temperature was slow to cool, hovering near 60 degrees for hours, but with enough of a breeze to warrant a fire while hanging out outside listening to old Simon & Garfunkel albums, trying to remember how young we were when Bridge Over Troubled Waters was released. The wind never seems to come from one direction for any length of time at our house and we regularly play musical chairs with the smoke from the fire. The breeze finally quieted down about 11:00 pm.

This morning is milder than it has been for awhile with winds from the West, at the moment. The warming trend is still expected for warmer afternoons and they are still expecting a bit of cloud cover beginning to blow our way starting tomorrow, but at least Friday and Saturdays forecast has been downplayed to partly cloudy and the forecast icon on the internet weather channel is not nearly so ominous looking.
It is going to be a beautiful day if the winds remain reasonable. In San Felipe we are Feelin Groovy...come on just say it!

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

San Felipe Weather...You Can Leave Your Hat On

Forecasting your wardrobe isn't as easy in February as it is in August when as little as possible is the dress code of the day. My office is outside so when I get on my computer at daybreak I am pretty layered up, topped off with a hood and wishing I could type with gloves on. Off to do some early morning errands dressed the same way, and then, like I can only assume a menopausal heat flash must be like, it hits like a tidal wave. Shedding layers like my cloths were on fire and changing back to summer attire for a few hours until the sun sets behind the first mountain and the body heat is stolen by the breeze and the layering begins again. But there is no snow, rain, fog, air pollution, typhoons or any other of Mother Nature's inconveniences happening So enjoy more crisp clear cool breezy weather with beautiful afternoons. And enjoy visiting your cloths we will be packing them away soon enough.

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

10 Reasons to Purchase Property in Cholla Bay Puerto Peñasco

by Gretchen Ellinger
Mexico Living Guide

Cholla Bay is a vital beachfront community located about five miles from downtown Puerto Peñasco, with unique attributes that command the attention of buyers who want the best that Mexico has to offer.

1. Land is less expensive than in other beachfront communities. Beachfront properties are particularly good values, especially as compared to other communities.

2. Every property in Cholla Bay is a short walk to the water. You cannot get further than a 10-minute walk to a beach access, no matter where in the community your home is located!

3. Cholla Bay will always be primarily low-density development. There are some tall single-family homes in Cholla, and a few townhomes built close together, but there are no provisions for condo towers or other high-density development.

4. Cholla Bay is a peninsula; with limited land available, your investment is sure to provide excellent future returns. As demand for property close to the water increases, Cholla will become even more valuable.

5. Properties of every type, in every price range, are available in Cholla Bay. Purchase a new or older home, buy a lot and build your dream home, or apply your talent to a fixer-upper.

6. Cholla is a great place for boaters. Boats can be both affordably launched, and stored “dry” after use, right in Cholla Bay.

7. Cholla Bay has an active, interested, helpful homeowner association, with low annual fees, and a clubhouse that is used for community events, and private activities as well.

8. Cholla Bay is a community, rather than just a tourist resort. Full-time Mexican and American residents are joined by weekend/vacation owners from several countries, and all care about each other and their community.

9. Cholla Bay has good restaurants, a cantina, civic organizations, a local charity, a variety of services and great people.

10. The “bay” is one of the world’s most unique estuary environments, with extreme tides, fascinating sea life, and affords unlimited water sport and recreation opportunities.

Drive out to Cholla Bay, about a mile west of the Reef, and visit this community to which so many people have been devoted, in some cases for generations. You just might fall under the spell of Cholla Bay!

Alfonso Arambula Robles – A Sculptor of massive proportion

by Robin Waters

Alfonso Arambula has a story that many can identify with in today’s economy: A successful businessman with a multi million-dollar importing/exporting business in Mexico City, caught in the devaluation of the peso in 2000, and lost his fortune. He now feels it was a blessing that also gave him the opportunity to realign his heart and passion for the creative artist within himself. He says he was scared, but took the risk, and is “humbled to be able to pursue my passion”.
He studied art at Palomar College, San Diego, California, and created his own unique style classified as “organic sculptures”, made from materials such as rocks, tree trunks, recycled items and what he calls, “natures own gifts”.

Many of his art pieces today can be seen in private collections and in public exhibitions in Mexico, US, Japan, Europe and he was also featured on the Discovery Channel.

Alfonso was the first place winner in the Biennial Sculpture Contest (2002) organized by the Culture Institute of Baja California, with apiece named “The Soaked Cow”. This sculpture is on exhibit at the gardens in the Port of Ensenada. He is also a winner of a Fondo de Estímulos a la Creación Artística, [translated means Fund Incentives for artistic creation] (FOECA) grant, for his creation of a 7 meter long monument of “The Shark Whale” in Bahia de Los Angeles, where the shark lives 8 months of the year. He donated his winning piece to that community to promote the conservation of this creature, which is on the endangered species list. He is an artist for Fox Studios in Rosarito and was a Member of the Advisory Committee (2003–2007) for the Culture Institute of Baja California.

A prodigious sculptor he has 13 public sculptures on exhibit currently, in various Baja cities.
Of the many credits to his name, one of his finest and most prized accolades was acknowledgment and recognition for his artistic sculptures by the National Geographic Society, Lindblad Expeditions, along with the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature in 2007, by naming him on the official Geo-tourism map and guide of Baja California, Mexico.
He is presently working on an incredible sculpture for the capital city of Hermosillo, Sonora; that will become a main attraction and symbol for the city.

A sculptor who has “found his place” and as part of his ongoing personal commitment of giving back to those who have given so much to him, he recently offered to donate a small sculpture per month, to the children’s cancer hospital to raise funds for the hospital.

On the cover of his DVD, he says, “This talent that happens within me, does not belong to me, it is a divine gift on loan. What are mine, I bravely express, are myself and my commitment through art to expand the language of world peace and making the world more beautiful.
I invite you to explore for yourself, the man that is at a point of truly becoming one of The artists in Baja. A DVD of his working and his works is available from His website is Email: Phone: 646-149-3866

San Felipe Weather...Not A Drop Of Rain...To Spare

Watching the Doppler Radar maps yesterday our 20% chance of rain parked itself just about 30 miles due East of San Felipe over the mountains. The radar indicated that the area received hours of light to moderate rain fall yesterday. Rain fall in the mountains is great for the farmers, and of course our water supply. For those that have never ventured highway 3 between San Felipe and Ensenada our local mountains contain vast agricultural lands, water that falls there eventually reach the underground aquifers that San Felipe taps for our water supply.
As a desert community we are very fortunate to have a very good water supply and thanks to the high elevation of the mountains and the regular pattern of Pacific storms, our water supply is fairly renewable, unlike some of the Southern communities , Loretto & La Paz that are tapping ancient aquifers with very little recharging. These communities estimate salt water intrusion into their water supply as early as 2025. San Felipe really is a paradise. See last years bumper crop of rain driven wild flowers

Looks like we will be warming up over the next few days only to spend Friday and the weekend under a blanket of clouds, but generally warmer than this past week.
Therapeutic Massage In San Felipe

President Calderon Unveils Mexico’s Economic Recovery Plan

By Christa Thomas

Recession in the U.S., which buys 80 percent of Mexico’s exports, presents a risk to Mexico’s economy. President Calderon recently noted that Mexico faces a significant challenge this year as the worldwide economic crisis worsens, sapping demand for exports and threatening jobs.

In response to the economic crisis, President Calderon unveiled Mexico’s emergency measures, which are part of a 25-point economic recovery plan called The National Agreement to Promote Families’ Economies. The agreement, signed by governors, the legislative branch, social, business and workers' organizations as well as the President, is based on five key areas:

1. Supporting workers’ employment;
2. Supporting families’ economies;
3. Supporting competitiveness and small and medium-sized businesses;
4. Investment and infrastructure to promote competitiveness and employment; and
5. Encouraging actions to promote more transparent and efficient public spending.

“With these 25 measures, the federal government promises to defend household budgets and employment,” Calderon said, while pledging to inject billions of pesos into the Mexican economy.

The emergency measures include the following:

1. Infrastructure development. President Calderon has pledged to increase funds for the development of infrastructure. The National Infrastructure Program has an impressive schedule to build and modernize over 17,000 kilometers of highways and country roads, and to rebuild and repair bridges and other public-use facilities.

2. Job creation. 250,000 jobs will be created by the acceleration of several planned infrastructure projects such as road repairs, restoration of historic sites and building and repairing airports and sea ports.

3. Comprehensive cuts to energy prices. Mexico will freeze the price of gasoline this year and subsidize a 10 percent reduction in household gas prices. The plan will also lower electricity rates for businesses by up to 20 percent. Petroleos Mexicanos, the nationally owned oil industry, will receive an influx of funds to help it weather the economic storm.

4. Improved Social Security program. The government has pledged billions of pesos to help Mexicans who are unemployed or underemployed. Calderon vowed to improve the Social Security program for unemployed Mexicans, increasing from two months to six months the time they will receive medical and maternity coverage.

5. Subsidies. Calderon promised financial aid to struggling industries in a bid to save hundreds of thousands of jobs mostly in export industries that depend heavily upon the U.S. market. The federal government has pledged to make at least 20 percent of its purchases from small- and medium-size companies. He will also establish a fund to finance a “Made in Mexico” program.

President Calderon warned that Mexico would be experiencing a difficult year in terms of economic growth, investment and employment. However, he added that unlike “in the past, our economy today is much more solid and stable. And given the challenges, government will continue working tirelessly to offset the effects of the world financial crisis and overcome this situation as soon as possible.”

Sources: CNN, BBC, Bloomberg & AFP

Rocio del Mar Live Aboard vessel

by Russ & Naomi Black, February 10th 2009

Standing on the gang plank under this imposing vessel was something else. I have been on large water craft in the past and I have a love for large boats, but this one is special.

Naomi and I were invited to tour the newly launched yacht Rocio del Mar with a few others on Tuesday the 10th of February, 2009. Of course we were there as this is a special craft. Why do I keep mentioning that it is special? The main reason is this: this boat was conceived, developed and completely constructed right here in Puerto Penasco at our very own boatyard.

Owned by Dora Sandoval, this boat was built for a specific purpose. It can take 22 individuals on a dive experience of a lifetime. The boat has 10 staterooms, each with its own bathroom and twin style beds. The boat has a staging area for the scuba divers to outfit themselves to get ready for the dive, and a place to get cleaned up after the dive. A huge sun deck on the very top of the boat can easily handle 50 people docked and 30 when under power on the ocean. Need a break from the sun? There is an entertainment center with TV’s and Stereo and nice furniture to relax the afternoon away. The entertainment center is actually a room with plenty of seating, the room is attached to a covered outside room with ever changing wonderful views off the back deck. There is also a sun deck on the front of the boat with great views of where you are going.

Hungry? This craft has a full service chef style kitchen. The kitchen is all stainless and ready to prepare the fine meals that should be served on a boat of this magnitude. It also has a dining room which can easily seat 25 people for lunch or dinner.

So what are some of the specifics of this boat? She comes in at 110’ in length, she weighs approx 220,000 tons with an additional 6.2 tons of ballast. The boat has enough electrical generation to power a small condo complex with full 110 and 220 power onboard. The boat is built in a stiff steel construction technique; it feels solid – because it is. Dual 750 (1500 hp total) hp diesels power the craft to a comfortable cruising speed of 10 knots per hour or about 11.5 miles per hour. With 10,000 gallons of diesel onboard you won’t be filling up very often either.

Scuba trips are planned throughout the year and the main focus is the midriff islands off of Kino Bay in the Sea of Cortez. The sea of Cortez is known by many as the very best example of marine diversity in the world. The trips are scheduled to leave Penasco on a Saturday and arrive outside of Kino Bay early Sunday Morning, and then it is diving and relaxing for the next 6 days and then a return trip home and breakfast onboard Saturday morning before de-boarding. It will be a very exciting week for all who make this trip.

The Rocio del Mar will be available for private functions when not scheduled for a scuba excursion. Can you imagine a 2 or 3 hour cruise around the points in Puerto Penasco with a group 30 to 40 of your friends, with plenty of room to roam around? Take the plunge and have their staff prepare a meal for your private group. Fantastic memories for a lifetime with your friends and it can be yours now in Puerto Penasco.

Of course you can look at or contact them at to obtain more information about your specific needs. But hurry as this is going to be one popular yacht in Penasco!


HISTORY OF MEXICO – The Spanish Conquest

by Ron Saunders

The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire was one of the most important campaigns in the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

It was Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, Spanish overlord of Cuba, who first laid the foundation for the conquest of Mexico. In 1517 and 1518 he commissioned explorations of the Yucatán coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Those explorers returned with tales of great wealth in the area; tales that prompted Velázquez to outfit Hernán Cortés to a voyage of conquest.

However, Velázquez knew that whoever conquered the land for Spain would receive the fame and glory. Suspecting that Cortés would be disloyal, Velázquez went to the dock on the morning the ships were getting ready to sail to revoke Cortés’ commission. But Cortés quickly set sail for Mexico; beginning his journey with the legal status of mutineer.

Cortés landed in Mexico on April 21, 1519. Wasting no time in staking claim, Cortés founded the city of Vera Cruz and established a town council which, in turn, empowered him to conquer all of Mexico in the name of Charles I of Spain.

Conquering Mexico was no easy chore for Cortés, for he had not accounted for the might of Moctezuma, the feared Aztec lord who ruled over one of the most powerful forces in the Americas, as well as one of the most significant cultures in the history of civilization.

Moctezuma, uncertain about how to deal with the unwelcome strangers, sent Cortés a message warning him not to attempt the dangerous journey through deserts, mountains and enemy territories to reach the Aztec capital. Moctezuma also sent gifts of gold and other Aztec finery that he hoped would satisfy Cortez enough to make him leave Mexico. However, the gifts just whetted Cortez’s appetite for more riches.

Cortés, through his powers of persuasion, managed to forge an alliance with the Totonacs at Cempoala. Now, with his army of about 500 Europeans and thousands of Indian allies as soldiers and porters, Cortés pushed into central Mexico.

In an incredible campaign lasting more than two years, the conquistadors finally took the capital city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) on August 13, 1521.

With the fall of the Aztec Empire, the Spaniards quickly defeated and subjugated most of the other Indian tribes in southern Mexico. The only area where effective Indian resistance was encountered was Yucatán, then inhabited by the Maya tribes. Francisco de Montejo y Alverez undertook the conquest of this region in 1526, though it was nearly 20 years before the Spaniards won control of the northern end of the Yucatán.

The occupation of northern Mexico, less populated and largely arid, took longer than that of central and southern Mexico, requiring intensive fighting with nomadic tribes. Some Indians living in the interior retained their independence for another century and a half.

Not being part of the Aztec Empire, it took more than 170 years for the Spanish to establish control over the Maya homelands (extending from northern Yucatán to the central lowlands of El Petén and the southern Guatemalan highlands).

Todays weather is brought to you be the letter C

Crisp, Clear, Cool and Calm. While there is a 20% chance of rain lets face rarely rains here. At sunrise our sky had very lite cloud cover. Blue skies and and incredibly sharp visibility. There is active weather over Mexicali but with the light breeze coming from the south east it's not going to blow into us anytime soon. But hey, it the weather and it could change.

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

NEW Photo Album: San Carlos Sonora Mexico


San Carlos is a beachfront subdivision within the port city of Guaymas, in the northern state of Sonora in Mexico. It is noted for the exceptional clarity and warmth of the ocean water in its shallow bays. It lies on the body of water known as the Gulf of California or Sea of Cortez. Given the size of the city, with nearly 7,000 inhabitants, there are nine hotels of diverse categories with 567 rooms; 280 RV spaces, two marinas with enough space to berth 570 boats, one 72 par 18 hole golf course and endless natural attractions. Due to the great diversity of marine species, San Carlos is the best place in the State of Sonora for the sport of diving. San Carlos is approximately a five-hour drive (241 miles) from the United States on Mexican Interstate Highway 15, 20 minutes from Guaymas, and only an hour from the state capital Hermosillo and an International Airport.


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An American in Baja: PACO

An American in Baja: PACO

Paco gave his sombrero away. Imported, expensive and jaw-dropping, this hat had a huge brim to match its flourish. He gave it to a minor soap opera star, a pleasant, pudgy lady who was desperate to protect her pale complexion from the powerful sun’s rays we have here in San Felipe. Robin, his love, was chagrined, but then this was Paco. He is the embodiment of chivalry.

Paco is not his true name. When he moved to Mexico, the locals had a hard time pronouncing his American name, Hal. Embarrassing his Mexican friends was unacceptable, so Hal just gave himself a new name. Robin lifted it from a bottle of his cologne that she liked. Problem solved.

He is tall, almost imposing in stature. His broad, tanned face is softened by silver, well-trimmed hair and a neat goatee that hints of just a little danger. His eyes seem to disappear when he laughs, and he laughs a lot. His has a deep, rich sound to it, as if you just told him the greatest joke in the history of the world. But, there is an inviolate line he never crosses. He’ll never hurt your feelings just to get a laugh.

Paco is the president of the Lions Club here in town. He is perfectly suited for the job. His is a charitable nature, pained by any poverty and deprivation we see around us. He’s found the right venue in which to change things. His energy never seems to flag, and he sets a great example for the rest of us. He’ll perch precariously on the top of his station wagon to put up a poster, he’ll rise before the sun to give you a ride, he’ll spend all night building a stage when everyone else has gone home to bed. It was Paco who drove into the desert to rescue folks stranded there. It was Paco who drove my husband Dan to the hospital and stayed until we knew Dan was okay. To cite the classic baseball metaphor, Paco steps up to the plate. No, wait—Paco stomps on the plate and yanks it out of the ground. He can do no less.

Forty-odd years ago, Paco should have died in the jungles of Vietnam. Dreadfully wounded and shot up with morphine, he was left to die in the dark of night with a few of his fellow Marines keeping watch and waiting for the end to come. Whether it was God’s foresight or Paco’s intrepid will to survive, he made it out and got back to the business of living. He has an agenda he must tend to. There is work to be done and friendships he must honor. San Felipe needs his diplomacy, his energy and his laughter.

If you would like to meet him, come to a Lions Club meeting, karaoke night at the Lighthouse or climb a mountain during the Baja 1000 where he perches as a sort of guardian angel for the racers.

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7th Annual Club de Pesca International Chili Cook Off

Saturday, May 2, 2009

San Felipe B.C., - 7th Annual Club de Pesca International Chili Cook Off is being held from 1PM - 5PM on the ramada patio at Club De Pesca RV Park, San Felipe, B.C.,

MX: Consider entering the cookoff competition with your own chili team or attend as a taste-testing guest of the event. Watch for flyers around town. For sign-up information or questions, contact: Joseph Malek 686 233-5206 or Elayne Caldwell, 577-2649, or e-mail her at


Cool Weather In Paradise

Up & out early Saturday to attend the Swap Meet & Flea Market at El Dorado Ranch. It was cool as predicted and sunrise brought some pleasant vistas of our mountains wearing crowns of fog. The breeze was light and in short order we were peeling jackets & sweaters and enjoying the sun. The Swap Meet & Flea Market is a must do for residences, and wanna be residences of San Felipe, you'll find Mexican Crafts vendors you won't find in town, half a dozen nice Sand Rails were for sale, The Battery guy with his very cool battery extender product was there, fruits & veggies vendors, a variety of food offerings and just plain folks selling stuff they no longer need or want. The Market is also a great way to meet your neighbors who you may not ever run it to elsewhere, an all round good time! It starts early and is done by 11:00. The market is located at El Cachanilla RV Park on Saltito Rd. few hundred yards into the desert on the road between the giant Rockodile Sign and the new Pemex station.

Around noon time I was over to Playa del Paraiso to check out the progress there. They now have crews of men swarming all over the property getting things done. Eric the sale director was particularly pleased with a couple of 40" palms recently installed. By this time it is warm enough to consider shorts & tee shirt, but in a nano second a slight increase in the breeze and a noticeable buildup of clouds nullified that though and I added a sweatshirt. This morning started out in the upper 40's and cloudy skies. They are still calling for a 20% chance of precipitation manana, I wouldn't hold my breath for the hopes for any sunbathing today. My prediction is a good day to read by the fire...and tomorrow it is going to rain.....somewhere.

Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Peñasco

by Anita Kaltenbaugh

It is the month of February and love is in the air. Cupid is soaring in the Puerto Peñasco winds, with his shiny bow and arrow ready to pull the arrow tight and let it fly. Who knows where it will strike or when or whom? Usually when love strikes, it happens fast, in a blink of an eye. Bam, you're hit. And as some may know, especially if you're in love, trying to be in love or looking for love, the right atmosphere or activity can make a difference. So, peruse this list and try one or all of the ideas with that special someone and just see if the arrows don’t come flying!

1. Buy a Love Song from a Mariachi for your sweetheart. This one can really work well if you plan ahead. In the majority of the restaurants in town and in Old Port area they have various groups of traveling mariachis’. Excuse yourself, go to the banos and ask one to come over and play a love song when you get back to the table. I recommend “Besame Mucho.”

2. Romantic Picnic for Two. Take a Mexican blanket, a picnic basket, some beverages and go sit on the beach. Surprise is a romantic factor. Just pick them up and leave the activity and destination a secret.

3. Rent a condo on Sandy Beach with a hot tub on the balcony. Believe it or not there are many resorts to choose from that offer Jacuzzi tubs on the balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. Various rental agencies offer many units all over town. Just cozy up to your sweetheart in a hot tub looking at the ocean and make it a special night or weekend. For rental ideas see or; ask for units with hot tubs.

4. Go Horseback riding on the beach. There are several local businesses that have horses for rent (the rental I used is available over by the entrance to Playa Bonita and near the public beach). It is very romantic to take a horseback ride on the beach with the one you love.

5. Go to Happy Hour at La Casa Del Capitan restaurant at Sunset. El Capitan is on the high peak overlooking the Malecon, Old Port and the Sea of Cortez. The views are beautiful and very romantic; you can also spend time next door at the Lighthouse Restaurant where they have live jazz music and spectacular views.

6. Be on the water at sunset. Rent a kayak, boat or take a Sunset Cruise. Puerto Peñasco offers both kayak rentals and boat rentals. If you are looking for the private tour and know how to drive a boat or use a kayak that is a good option and can be quite romantic. However, if you would rather sit back and let someone else drive try one of the various Sunset Cruises, try El Rey Del Mar Sunset Cruises (office located near Balboa’s),

7. Couple massage for two. In front of Las Palomas there is a local woman offering beach massages. Talk to her and see if she can arrange two at a time and book her early morning or late afternoon. There are several massage therapists in Puerto Peñasco who can arrange to come to your condo or balcony for a more private setting. Try for prices and contacts and Rita at (602) 748-4134.

8. Sunrise Special in Cholla Bay. Make an early date to wake up one morning 30 minutes before sunrise. Wrapped in a big oversized blanket together is a great way to make a day romantic. A remarkable place is over in Cholla Bay where you can actually see the sunrise from the water. Depending on the tide, you can also walk out on the sand and look for washed up sand dollars. Afterwards, you can stroll to Xochitl’s Café and have an impressive Mexican breakfast.

9. Go Parking on a deserted beach. Puerto Peñasco is fortunate to have deserted beaches within a short drive. Many you can walk for miles with no one around and also pick up some good shells. The rest is up to you.

10. Go to the Malecon on a Sunday night and sit on a bench in front of the Colossal Shrimp Statue. Sunday night in Mexico is family night. It is a wonderful evening that friends and family use to spend time with each other and their significant others. When the fiery red ball drops into the ocean and a red glow is everywhere, somehow all seems warm and right with the world, love is abundant.

You’ve heard “Virginia is for Lovers”? Well, “Puerto Peñasco is for Lovers,” and this is just a few of the romantic things to do in Peñasco. Mucho Amore.

Cure for Valentine Day Love Handles

by Kyle Crawford

San Felipe, B.C. Mexico - Squats Gym must have been working out because it is flexing its muscles and growing larger as we speak. I just came from a quick tour of the new gym. It is spacious, well equipped, well lighted and offers more variety of exercise options.

Owners John and Holly were excited to show me around. It was a big move for them as their old location north of town had become a small home and the members were considered family.

There is nothing small about the new home. The gym features free weights, machines and cardio machines such as treadmills, stationary bike and elliptical trainers. The equipment is in excellent condition. They had machines in storage because the other gym was too small to fit them in. Now they are moving them in. That means more accessibility and no waiting in line to use the equipment.

The new gym also features a brand new aerobics room where they will be offering aerobics, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing and more. There are also men’s and women’s restrooms and they have lockers coming in.

So if you have been procrastinating, now is the time to get in there and move your body. There are options for everyone and the price is only $300 pesos per month.

To find the new gym – as you are coming into town past the arches, go to the 2nd stop sign and turn right. It is right there on your right.

Mexico's Version of Lip Service

By Ken Ellingwood

GUANAJUATO, Mexico -- Once upon a time, there was a city where people came from far and wide to kiss.

The place was blessed with gold and silver, but its kissing legend, passed down like an heirloom, made it rich beyond measure. It tells of a fair maid named Ana who fell in love with Carlos, a poor miner who lived across a narrow alley. The young lovers met on their balconies, stretching across the tiny gap to kiss in the moonlight.

But their love was star-crossed: Ana's father forbade the romance, and threatened to kill his daughter if he discovered the lovers together again. The next night, he caught them and, true to his warning, stabbed Ana with a dagger. Dying, Ana reached out and Carlos kissed her hand -- the couple's final kiss.

The children of this city have learned this lovers' saga by heart and told it over and over to the hopeless romantics who come to see the spot, known as the Kissing Alley, and to share a good-luck kiss there.

So it came as a terrible shock to people here last month when word spread that the city's leaders had issued an edict: Kissing in public was forbidden. Violators would be punished.

The news set off a storm over smooching that, weeks later, still has tongues wagging in picturesque Guanajuato, a mining town in central Mexico -- and reveals a lot about the ways of Mexico, where you don't need to get a room to express your love for each other. Like any good Valentine's Day story, this one ends with a kiss.

The affair blew up in January, when Guanajuato's City Council, led by the socially conservative National Action Party, or PAN, approved an ordinance on public behavior to replace the city's 32-year-old civic law. The ordinance tackled problems such as unlicensed street vendors and jaywalking. But it also targeted offensive language and "obscene touching."

The mayor, Eduardo Romero Hicks, was asked what sort of public acts would be punishable. He said the law would ban "agarrones de olimpiada," which translates roughly as "Olympic fondling." (In an interview later, he explained that this meant "fondling far beyond the norm ... extreme eroticism in public places.")

Garden-variety kissing, the mayor said, was never the target.

But leftist opponents depicted Romero and his PAN colleagues as latter-day inquisitors bent on imposing strict morals on the rest of Guanajuato, a tranquil town with cobblestone streets and hillside homes painted in eye-popping hues of orange, pink and electric blue.

The outcry was swift. Protesters gathered in front of City Hall to kiss en masse. Mexico's media got into the act and pretty soon Romero and his city were at the center of an unflattering national controversy. A satirical video posted on YouTube reworked the lyrics of a familiar Mexican "cumbia" and depicted Romero in a priest's collar. One editorial cartoon showed a couple kissing in a bird cage that was suspended by a fixture shaped to spell "PAN."

It mattered little that the mayor announced within days that the measure would be suspended. All of Mexico seemed ready to take to the ramparts in defense of a treasured institution: the kiss.

"The attitude toward kissing is a good thermometer of the tolerance of a society," columnist Federico Reyes Heroles wrote in the daily Reforma newspaper. He said trying to limit public kissing was like outlawing miniskirts -- the stuff of totalitarian countries. "Eros is part of life," he wrote.

In liberal Mexico City, officials have rallied to the cause of the kiss by summoning residents to a massive Valentine's Day kiss-in on the main plaza. Organizers are hoping for thousands of kissers at Saturday's event, perhaps enough to land a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

In unveiling the kiss-athon, Mexico City's tourism secretary, Alejandro Rojas Diaz Duran, appeared to toss a dart in Guanajuato's direction by pointing out that PAN members were welcome to join in. He said Mexico City "has always been the example of what Mexican society's values should be."

If so, public kissing would be high on the list. Compared with the U.S., Mexico is a very smoochy place. Mexicans of all stripes kiss each other on the cheek when saying hello and goodbye. Children and parents slobber over each other with abandon. Even strangers merit a kiss; Americans might be taken aback by the Mexican custom of kissing someone on the cheek when being introduced.

Take a walk through many public parks in Mexico City and it can feel as though you've stumbled onto Lovers' Lane, with couples in tight embrace on the wrought-iron benches or entwined on the grass beneath shade trees. The capital's vast and woodsy Chapultepec Park is so well-known as a make-out zone that it has a racy nickname: Chapul-"tetrepo," the last part of which can be translated as, "I climb you," as one would a tree.

It's not only teens locking lips on the street; paunchy, middle-aged couples are given to public displays, sometimes with surprising urgency. Making out in the park avoids the prying eyes of siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who form the extended Mexican family. And there is an overall expressiveness that sets them apart from the northern neighbors.

"We're more romantic. We show our feelings," said Dulce Nancy Gonzalez, a 25-year-old physician who on a recent day accompanied her boyfriend to the steps of Guanajuato's Kissing Alley for a lucky kiss. (Tradition holds that kissing on the third step brings 15 years of good luck.)

"It's not hard for us to show our feelings," Gonzalez said, after she and her boyfriend of three weeks shared several kisses of the sort you'd never plant on grandma. "For us, it's harder to hide them."

In that spirit, Guanajuato's leaders are adopting an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach. Having shelved the controversial ordinance for more review, Romero has gone all the way, declaring his city the "Capital of the Kiss."

^(Optional add end)

Officials are hanging banners and printing postcards that celebrate various flavors of kissing (all very G-rated and mostly showing family situations.) Merchants reportedly are working on the recipe for a margarita-type drink that would be called the "beso," Spanish for "kiss."

Guanajuato's residents have come to view the noisy affair as a cautionary tale about the futility of trying to lasso romance. Or the silliness of politicians. Or both.

On a recent day, Jorge Garcia and Vanessa Altzmuller, teens in matching white hoodies, stretched across the table of a sidewalk cafe near City Hall. They met halfway, touching lips softly, the way Ana and Carlos might have.

This time, they all lived happily ever after.

And on the third day he made a retraction/correction

Correction...The temperature difference between Antarctica and San Felipe reported in yesterday's weather opinion as nearly 90 degrees difference ie, minus 131 F in Antarctica and plus 41 degrees F in San Felipe, was actually ( if you have any ability to do math) more like,..(stay with me, we are talking about the difference in the temperature)... was a whopping 179 degrees difference; give or take a degree or two or four or five. Thankfully San Felipe was on the warmer side of this snafu. An astute observer....obviously not one of you, anybody reading this? has politely pointed this blunder out to me and I have to believe him, in the same way I trust spell check,..spelling is just an other one of my short comings, but I survive...thanks to spell check. I can prove mathematically that I am not a mathematician.

Now for the actual San Felipe weather. Today's weather in San Felipe is pretty much like yesterday's,...only a bit cooler with a gradual increase in the wind.... is this an easy job or what? Some of the real weather guys are even calling for...calling for? how about a wild guess that there is a small chance of rain coming on Monday. Which Monday and which year wasn't mentioned....rain? our dreams.

Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

Blues & Arts 2009: KKJZ Fundraising Drive Promotional

KKJZ 88.1 FM which is America's #1 most listened- to Jazz and blues radio station in the country servicing Southern California as well as worldwide through the internet.

KKJZ is member-supported radio station and is funded primarily by membership and corporate contributions. Our main source of acquiring new members and renewals is during our pledge drives. Their Spring Drive is coming, Feb. 18-March 1, 2009. They are on-air for 11 straight days, promoting Jazz music and with their DJS talking about the importance of membership.


Beginning on Saturday Feb. 21, 2009, The station is going to be giving away VIP and General Admission tickets. Here is the radio script for the DJs, as provided by the station:

"If you pledge $40 or more any time today from 2:01pm until 6:59 p.m. Pacific Time during Nothin’ But the Blues you’ll automatically be entered to win the daily sweepstakes

- A Pair of tickets to The 3rd Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta on Saturday March 28th, 2009 in San Felipe Baja California. The Blues concert and Art Fiesta is held at the base of the mountains and along the Sea of Cortez.

Some of the artists performing are Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, The Backwater Blues Band, Michele Lundeen & Blues Streak, Vatos Locos and many more. The Live Blues and Art Event is presented by the San Felipe BC Lion’s Club & Mexico Living Guide to support community of San Felipe.

The prize includes 2 VIP Reserved Box seats, accommodations and event merchandise etc. More information on the 3rd Annual Blues & Arts Fiesta is available at The odds of winning the Nothin’ But the Blues Sweepstakes depend upon the number of eligible entries received. Official sweepstakes rules are available at"



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