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Alfonso Arambula Robles – A Sculptor of massive proportion

by Robin Waters

Alfonso Arambula has a story that many can identify with in today’s economy: A successful businessman with a multi million-dollar importing/exporting business in Mexico City, caught in the devaluation of the peso in 2000, and lost his fortune. He now feels it was a blessing that also gave him the opportunity to realign his heart and passion for the creative artist within himself. He says he was scared, but took the risk, and is “humbled to be able to pursue my passion”.
He studied art at Palomar College, San Diego, California, and created his own unique style classified as “organic sculptures”, made from materials such as rocks, tree trunks, recycled items and what he calls, “natures own gifts”.

Many of his art pieces today can be seen in private collections and in public exhibitions in Mexico, US, Japan, Europe and he was also featured on the Discovery Channel.

Alfonso was the first place winner in the Biennial Sculpture Contest (2002) organized by the Culture Institute of Baja California, with apiece named “The Soaked Cow”. This sculpture is on exhibit at the gardens in the Port of Ensenada. He is also a winner of a Fondo de Estímulos a la Creación Artística, [translated means Fund Incentives for artistic creation] (FOECA) grant, for his creation of a 7 meter long monument of “The Shark Whale” in Bahia de Los Angeles, where the shark lives 8 months of the year. He donated his winning piece to that community to promote the conservation of this creature, which is on the endangered species list. He is an artist for Fox Studios in Rosarito and was a Member of the Advisory Committee (2003–2007) for the Culture Institute of Baja California.

A prodigious sculptor he has 13 public sculptures on exhibit currently, in various Baja cities.
Of the many credits to his name, one of his finest and most prized accolades was acknowledgment and recognition for his artistic sculptures by the National Geographic Society, Lindblad Expeditions, along with the Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature in 2007, by naming him on the official Geo-tourism map and guide of Baja California, Mexico.
He is presently working on an incredible sculpture for the capital city of Hermosillo, Sonora; that will become a main attraction and symbol for the city.

A sculptor who has “found his place” and as part of his ongoing personal commitment of giving back to those who have given so much to him, he recently offered to donate a small sculpture per month, to the children’s cancer hospital to raise funds for the hospital.

On the cover of his DVD, he says, “This talent that happens within me, does not belong to me, it is a divine gift on loan. What are mine, I bravely express, are myself and my commitment through art to expand the language of world peace and making the world more beautiful.
I invite you to explore for yourself, the man that is at a point of truly becoming one of The artists in Baja. A DVD of his working and his works is available from His website is Email: Phone: 646-149-3866

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