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And on the third day he made a retraction/correction

Correction...The temperature difference between Antarctica and San Felipe reported in yesterday's weather opinion as nearly 90 degrees difference ie, minus 131 F in Antarctica and plus 41 degrees F in San Felipe, was actually ( if you have any ability to do math) more like,..(stay with me, we are talking about the difference in the temperature)... was a whopping 179 degrees difference; give or take a degree or two or four or five. Thankfully San Felipe was on the warmer side of this snafu. An astute observer....obviously not one of you, anybody reading this? has politely pointed this blunder out to me and I have to believe him, in the same way I trust spell check,..spelling is just an other one of my short comings, but I survive...thanks to spell check. I can prove mathematically that I am not a mathematician.

Now for the actual San Felipe weather. Today's weather in San Felipe is pretty much like yesterday's,...only a bit cooler with a gradual increase in the wind.... is this an easy job or what? Some of the real weather guys are even calling for...calling for? how about a wild guess that there is a small chance of rain coming on Monday. Which Monday and which year wasn't mentioned....rain? our dreams.

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