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Cool Weather In Paradise

Up & out early Saturday to attend the Swap Meet & Flea Market at El Dorado Ranch. It was cool as predicted and sunrise brought some pleasant vistas of our mountains wearing crowns of fog. The breeze was light and in short order we were peeling jackets & sweaters and enjoying the sun. The Swap Meet & Flea Market is a must do for residences, and wanna be residences of San Felipe, you'll find Mexican Crafts vendors you won't find in town, half a dozen nice Sand Rails were for sale, The Battery guy with his very cool battery extender product was there, fruits & veggies vendors, a variety of food offerings and just plain folks selling stuff they no longer need or want. The Market is also a great way to meet your neighbors who you may not ever run it to elsewhere, an all round good time! It starts early and is done by 11:00. The market is located at El Cachanilla RV Park on Saltito Rd. few hundred yards into the desert on the road between the giant Rockodile Sign and the new Pemex station.

Around noon time I was over to Playa del Paraiso to check out the progress there. They now have crews of men swarming all over the property getting things done. Eric the sale director was particularly pleased with a couple of 40" palms recently installed. By this time it is warm enough to consider shorts & tee shirt, but in a nano second a slight increase in the breeze and a noticeable buildup of clouds nullified that though and I added a sweatshirt. This morning started out in the upper 40's and cloudy skies. They are still calling for a 20% chance of precipitation manana, I wouldn't hold my breath for the hopes for any sunbathing today. My prediction is a good day to read by the fire...and tomorrow it is going to rain.....somewhere.

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