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San Felipe Weather...Feelin Groovy

In case you missed it last night's temperature was slow to cool, hovering near 60 degrees for hours, but with enough of a breeze to warrant a fire while hanging out outside listening to old Simon & Garfunkel albums, trying to remember how young we were when Bridge Over Troubled Waters was released. The wind never seems to come from one direction for any length of time at our house and we regularly play musical chairs with the smoke from the fire. The breeze finally quieted down about 11:00 pm.

This morning is milder than it has been for awhile with winds from the West, at the moment. The warming trend is still expected for warmer afternoons and they are still expecting a bit of cloud cover beginning to blow our way starting tomorrow, but at least Friday and Saturdays forecast has been downplayed to partly cloudy and the forecast icon on the internet weather channel is not nearly so ominous looking.
It is going to be a beautiful day if the winds remain reasonable. In San Felipe we are Feelin Groovy...come on just say it!

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