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San Felipe Weather...Not A Drop Of Rain...To Spare

Watching the Doppler Radar maps yesterday our 20% chance of rain parked itself just about 30 miles due East of San Felipe over the mountains. The radar indicated that the area received hours of light to moderate rain fall yesterday. Rain fall in the mountains is great for the farmers, and of course our water supply. For those that have never ventured highway 3 between San Felipe and Ensenada our local mountains contain vast agricultural lands, water that falls there eventually reach the underground aquifers that San Felipe taps for our water supply.
As a desert community we are very fortunate to have a very good water supply and thanks to the high elevation of the mountains and the regular pattern of Pacific storms, our water supply is fairly renewable, unlike some of the Southern communities , Loretto & La Paz that are tapping ancient aquifers with very little recharging. These communities estimate salt water intrusion into their water supply as early as 2025. San Felipe really is a paradise. See last years bumper crop of rain driven wild flowers

Looks like we will be warming up over the next few days only to spend Friday and the weekend under a blanket of clouds, but generally warmer than this past week.
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