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Rocio del Mar Live Aboard vessel

by Russ & Naomi Black, February 10th 2009

Standing on the gang plank under this imposing vessel was something else. I have been on large water craft in the past and I have a love for large boats, but this one is special.

Naomi and I were invited to tour the newly launched yacht Rocio del Mar with a few others on Tuesday the 10th of February, 2009. Of course we were there as this is a special craft. Why do I keep mentioning that it is special? The main reason is this: this boat was conceived, developed and completely constructed right here in Puerto Penasco at our very own boatyard.

Owned by Dora Sandoval, this boat was built for a specific purpose. It can take 22 individuals on a dive experience of a lifetime. The boat has 10 staterooms, each with its own bathroom and twin style beds. The boat has a staging area for the scuba divers to outfit themselves to get ready for the dive, and a place to get cleaned up after the dive. A huge sun deck on the very top of the boat can easily handle 50 people docked and 30 when under power on the ocean. Need a break from the sun? There is an entertainment center with TV’s and Stereo and nice furniture to relax the afternoon away. The entertainment center is actually a room with plenty of seating, the room is attached to a covered outside room with ever changing wonderful views off the back deck. There is also a sun deck on the front of the boat with great views of where you are going.

Hungry? This craft has a full service chef style kitchen. The kitchen is all stainless and ready to prepare the fine meals that should be served on a boat of this magnitude. It also has a dining room which can easily seat 25 people for lunch or dinner.

So what are some of the specifics of this boat? She comes in at 110’ in length, she weighs approx 220,000 tons with an additional 6.2 tons of ballast. The boat has enough electrical generation to power a small condo complex with full 110 and 220 power onboard. The boat is built in a stiff steel construction technique; it feels solid – because it is. Dual 750 (1500 hp total) hp diesels power the craft to a comfortable cruising speed of 10 knots per hour or about 11.5 miles per hour. With 10,000 gallons of diesel onboard you won’t be filling up very often either.

Scuba trips are planned throughout the year and the main focus is the midriff islands off of Kino Bay in the Sea of Cortez. The sea of Cortez is known by many as the very best example of marine diversity in the world. The trips are scheduled to leave Penasco on a Saturday and arrive outside of Kino Bay early Sunday Morning, and then it is diving and relaxing for the next 6 days and then a return trip home and breakfast onboard Saturday morning before de-boarding. It will be a very exciting week for all who make this trip.

The Rocio del Mar will be available for private functions when not scheduled for a scuba excursion. Can you imagine a 2 or 3 hour cruise around the points in Puerto Penasco with a group 30 to 40 of your friends, with plenty of room to roam around? Take the plunge and have their staff prepare a meal for your private group. Fantastic memories for a lifetime with your friends and it can be yours now in Puerto Penasco.

Of course you can look at or contact them at to obtain more information about your specific needs. But hurry as this is going to be one popular yacht in Penasco!


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