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San Felipe Weather...Ho Hum An Other Beautiful Day

Yesterday I described the weather as awesome and I wasn't far off. This is a great time of year to experience San Felipe. Night time temps dropping to 60 and the warmest part of the day should get into the low 80s and down right hot in the sun but the light breeze keeps it all cool. Need more reasons to brighten up your day?

San Francisco: Wet and expecting more wet. The high temp for today falls short of our low.

Portland Oregon, Overcast with freezing rain.

North Pole Alaska: Snowing 10 below.

So NO excuses get out there and enjoy the fabulous weather.

Picture Credit Sean Harrington view of Cantu Cove and Granite Quarry from part way up Mt. Macharro.
Real Weather Forecast, Therapeutic Massage in San Felipe

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