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San Felipe Weather...Mexico Living.

Ahhh Mexico Living, yesterday was surely one of those days. The temperatures took a lovely jump into the low 80's with barely a whisper of wind. The streets were full of Carnaval festivities and as the sun went down and the moon came up the temperature hovered around a pleasant 65 degrees. Dropped into the V Lounge to check the temperature of the social scene. Scott & Randy have added a dart machine and Foosball table and are probably looking for more space, as their lounge is regularly well attended. It was a pleasant night for my stroll home. As I buttoned up the computer at midnight it was still 65 degrees as it is still while I am writing this morning. While the cloud cover could be thicker today & tomorrow we are still forecasted to be in a warming trend that will peak (briefly) on Tuesday into the low 90's. It has been a Go Do It Weekend, so Go Do It!

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