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Weather....or not

You heard it here first...Hell is freezing over! Looking over the forecast for Hell, Michigan it appears that it will remain frozen over for quite some time with average daily temperatures below freezing. That's why we don't live there right? Here in San Felipe, after yesterdays early morning low of 43 degrees & 90 % humidity, by my "comfort monitor weather device" and with just enough breeze to make it nippley, I thought I had woken up in hell....during the off season of course. In San Felipe this morning there is virtually no wind and the temperature which was 50F when I started writing has sung to 56F and from the looks of the atmosphere...crystal clear and bright, every detail of the mountains are visible and the water is classic deep blue, it is going to continue to warm through out the day. As the new San Felipe weather czar I proclaim this a glorious day to do something you enjoy outside. If your taste in weather runs to the cooler, you can always go to hell......Michigan

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