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San Felipe Weather...You Can Leave Your Hat On

Forecasting your wardrobe isn't as easy in February as it is in August when as little as possible is the dress code of the day. My office is outside so when I get on my computer at daybreak I am pretty layered up, topped off with a hood and wishing I could type with gloves on. Off to do some early morning errands dressed the same way, and then, like I can only assume a menopausal heat flash must be like, it hits like a tidal wave. Shedding layers like my cloths were on fire and changing back to summer attire for a few hours until the sun sets behind the first mountain and the body heat is stolen by the breeze and the layering begins again. But there is no snow, rain, fog, air pollution, typhoons or any other of Mother Nature's inconveniences happening So enjoy more crisp clear cool breezy weather with beautiful afternoons. And enjoy visiting your cloths we will be packing them away soon enough.

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