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Selling shoes on eBay to raise money for our spay/neuter project here in San Felipe---what a crazy idea! But it works.

Especially with the economy kicking our butts, humane animal organizations need to be very creative to keep their programs funded with donations.

ZAPP, which is an acronym for the Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project, was recently voted San Felipe's Best Charity 2008 by Mexico Living Magazine. ZAPP if nothing else, is extremely creative when it comes to raising money for our stray and indigent animal population. After all, as you know, Dogs and Cats Rule!

ZAPP curently does approximately 100 surgeries a month at two separate bi-monthly clinics, and since ZAPP began in January 2008, we've "fixed" 944 animals. Since 2003, San Felipe has spayed and/or neutered well over 5000 animals.

By visiting our blog at you can click on our eBay shoe store and support the project. You can also become a member of our monthly subscription program---just $10 a month funds 4 surgeries a year; and as if that's not enough, maybe you're one of those "shoe addicts", nothing to be ashamed of...maybe you got the "shoe addict" gene from your mother, or another relative, but if you've got a closet just full of gently worn to brand new shoes, we can sure use 'em. Just throw them gently into a box and send them to ZAPP so that we can resell them on eBay.

Here's the address: ZAPP, attn: Steven Forman, 95 East Highway 98, Calexico CA 92232. Once we get them, we'll turn them into money for more surgeries. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your support. Steven Forman, DogMan!

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