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Around Town - San Felipe

Around Town - San Felipe
March edition

Steven Forman of ZAPP has informed us that they completed over 60 spay/neuters at the clinics in January. With this organization’s continued help, we will be able to reduce the animal population in San Felipe and prevent wild dogs from taking over. San Felipe Lions Club celebrated a two year anniversary, attended by the Mexicali-Palaco charter and numerous members from Baja. The San Felipe Lions Mascot made his premier appearance at the party, held at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Baja Jimmy’s, aka Jimmy Smith, has moved the restaurant from Bar Miramar to the ejido north of San Felipe. His delights can be found across the highway from Campo Ocotillos at Km. 182. There were some fantastic Super Bowl parties around town. Fat Boys had no cover charge, free munchies and free drinks every time the Cardinals scored. Happy Jack Ass had a $50 cover, which included any items off the appetizer menu, all well drinks and beer, shrimp, King Crab, prime rib and brownies. Jollymon and The Beach Bar hosted bashes as well, serving all the north folks with a great time and snacks. Don’t forget to get your Blues & Arts tickets for March 28! They are available all over town and online through You can find a link on our website to take you there as well. The Reflections are no longer playing at Juanitos Cantina, but you can enjoy their music every Wednesday evening at Fandangos around 5:30 p.m. Agave Blues has announced that Jason Bushong, guitar hero, has left the band for greener pastures in California. The legend is being replaced by local guitarist/vocalist, Isaac Diaz. Check out the new Agave Blues each Saturday night at the Lighthouse. Other continuing entertainment includes San Felipe’s Best Entertainment 2008, the original surf-a-billy blues band, Vatos Locos, playing at The Beach Bar at Playa de Oro every Friday night. Email Heather Penrod to get on their email list. Agave Blues and Vatos Locos will also be featured at the Blues and Arts Fiesta. The San Felipe Ladies Yacht Club announces that member Yolanda is getting married in May to her long-time love, Bob the Chocolate Lover. It’s about time! Blessings to them. Don’t forget that Wednesday night is Movie Night at the V Lounge. Manny will serve you while you enjoy a newly-released PG-13 flick. The San Felipe Baja 250 is coming up! Be sure to watch for reviews of the event in Mexico Living in April. It’s going to be a fun month, and we are all hoping the fantastic weather continues.

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