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Costa Bella

Your Pearl by the Sea
by Lynn Prince

The allure and mystic of San Carlos is magical with its azure waters, stunning sea and mountain landscapes, kiss of the sun and warmth . . . and the Costa Bella Living project takes advantage of it all. The project began in 2005 as an idea to create an exceptional living environment that would be worthy of a location offering a spectacular world-class view that would encompass a luxury development of top-quality houses and condominiums built on a hillside in San Carlos.

As I rounded the curve to the development, I was dazzled by the breath-taking natural beauty all around the project. A small pod of dolphins lazily played in the waters just a short distance from the shore where three houses are under development, including a two-bedroom waterfront home that is currently for sale. The first condominium tower, seven stories high, will soon have a completed roof in place. And, the next few months will be spent finishing the 13 condos in the tower.

As I climbed the stairs to ascend to the top of the tower, I noticed that exquisite travertine floors were set in place in some areas. The intriguing floor plans were delightfully innovative along with the sensational panoramic views from the balcony of Algodones beach, the sparkling sea and mountains. Other amenities will include granite countertops, dual-pane windows, mini-split air conditioners with heat, security systems, top-quality appliances and kitchen cabinets of cedar or mahogany.

Other towers will be added in the future, but atop the hill, a lighthouse, that most certainly will become a landmark for San Carlos, will be constructed that will house 21 condominiums offering awesome 360-degree views.

Additional features of this outstanding project will include two beach areas, a sewage treatment plant, concrete paver streets, underground services, a gym, storage facilities and a large holding tank for water at the base of the lighthouse, which will eliminate the need for residents to have backup water systems.

The genius behind transforming 24 acres of unused hillside into this aggressive development of grandeur is Ing. Javier Ordaz, the engineering director. His many years of experience in building houses, roads, bridges and tunnels in various parts of Mexico gave him the expertise to take adverse conditions and create a hillside development of truly top quality construction in a captivating oceanic setting. A team of top-rate architects and engineers joined Ordaz from far-reaching parts of Mexico to complete the team making the vision of inspiration known as Costa Bella happen.

Even with the current economic downturn, Costa Bella continues to advance, and many folks, instead of pulling back and playing the “wait and see what happens” game until the market recovers, have taken a step of faith and have bought—leaving the first tower completely sold out. For those individuals who are in a position to buy property when most people are retreating, the current market represents attractive investment opportunities in San Carlos. In lieu of the chaotic stock market and other investment venues, along with the collapse of so many banks in the U.S., Costa Bella seems to be an attractive investment option in a prime resort area brimming with potential for future growth. San Carlos is a HOT, HOT area for retirees who want a vacation or permanent home where the cost of living is so much more manageable here than in the States. Other advantages are spectacular ocean and mountain landscapes, admirable climate, great restaurants, an endless list of recreational sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, etc., with art, culture and entertainment to boot.

For those of you looking to fulfill that dream of a home with an ocean view at an amazing low cost in Mexico, please take the time to investigate Costa Bella in San Carlos. Their website is

Established in 1991, Star Realty became the exclusive agent for Costa Bella Living. Star Realty is located on Beltrones Boulevard at No. 230 Calle Neptuno. For more information, call (622) 226-000 or 226-0990; toll-free from the U.S. and Canada: (888) 445-9297; or email


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