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Don't Need No Reason To Party - CD Release

New CD Release - "Don't Need No Reason To Party"

There‘s a buzz in the air about the highly-anticipated new CD by Denny Flannigan and the "Suns of the Beaches" featuring Arturo Esquivias Yee titled Don't Need No Reason To Party! Scheduled for release in mid-March on a major record label, the CD represents the past three years of work by Flannigan and Esquivias to produce a compilation of music that reflects the essence and spirit of San Felipe and Baja Norte.

Lots of local talent participated in creating this high-energy and upbeat memento of the "San Felipe Sound." As most of you remember, Denny’s band, "Suns of the Beaches," was a primary driving force in the entertainment scene for several years along with Arturo's band, Tres Generations. Tres Generations disbanded after 13 years and were honored at the 2008 2nd Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta for their musical contribution to the community.

From San Felipe Salsa to Denny’s "wild child piano style" on Bumble B. Boogie, this CD rocks! Sleepwalk, added by popular demand, is a powerful arrangement of the early classic Santo & Johnny Belly-Rubber. Flannigan and Esquivias have maintained the original romance and integrity of the song while updating the audio presence and quality with a new flair. If you are a fan of Arturo’s searing guitar, Gata Loca will give you an "Arturo fix" that will rock your socks off!

The previously released "DON’T NEED NO REASON TO PARTY" bumper sticker appears on over 3,000 cars, monster trucks, sandrails, refrigerators, bedposts and various places throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Look for Denny Flannigan’s Don't Need No Reason To Party CD at the 3rd Annual Blues and Arts Fiesta on March 28 in San Felipe where Flannigan will again host this outrageous festival presented by the San Felipe Lions Club and Mexico Living.

Catch Denny and the Name That Tune Gang at Brians Beach Bar at Playa de Oro every Thursday! Name That Tune.

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