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Local Surgeon Saves My Life in Rosarito

Local Surgeon Saves My Life in Rosarito
Team of doctors organized by Primo Tapia MD Camacho saved my life
By Carlos Durán

I am alive by the grace of God and a well-coordinated effort by Dr. Camacho and gastroenterology surgeon Dr. Chavez soon after a lower abdomen pain showed up in an X-ray as a ruptured appendix. Within two hours they contacted an anesthesiologist and nurses in a Rosarito hospital to open my abdomen to retire the culprit and rid my digestive cavity of infectious material already infecting my intestines. This took place in late November and my very first solid meal of soup stock, fruit juice and gelatin took place on Thanksgiving Day. Definitely the most thankful day of my life, and I was also blessed to have as visitors my brother and sister with their families, as well as my sister-in-law.

Recovery would normally have been four or five days but hypertension and blood sugar levels slowed the recovery process to eleven days. Needless to say, I am glad to report there was even mention of a recovery process. Post-op has also been slow, but again, I am soon due to have the last two stitches taken out from under my belly button tomorrow and should be able to start riding my bicycle again soon.

Since I live near Puerto Nuevo, my local doctor Juan Camacho (office next to Chinese Restaurant in Primo Tapia) was my first point of contact. When he saw the gravity of the situation, he followed me home to leave my car and personally drove me to the hospital while he spent the entire trip on the phone coordinating the rest of the team. Within two hours and after the anesthesiologist had my lower body “out,” they went to work as I lay awake listening to them and the ranchera music playing in the background. They gave me periodic reports of their work and maintained a positive attitude throughout, which gave me hope and piece of mind during surgery.

After eleven days in the family atmosphere of Santa Lucia Hospital, I walked out as I thanked God for another lease on life. I also appreciate the work of Dr. Chavez, who is inaugurating his own new hospital in Rosarito; and, of course, Dr. Camacho, who will be collaborating with Centro Médico Paraiso on many new ventures, such as aesthetic surgery at that same facility. Cost you ask? A similar procedure would have cost me (and my family and friends) over $60,000 in the U.S., but was under $10,000 locally, and I’m as good as new. ¡Gracias a Dios!

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