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Entertainment Rocks in San Carlos

Entertainment Rocks in San Carlos
By Lynn Prince

OMAR ARRIAGA. Mexico Living's winner of BEST OF 2008 entertainment category, El Pianista Omar Arriaga is truly a rising star. Immediately inviting and ever evolving, his kaleidoscope coloring, tenderness and emotional richness on the keyboard along with flashes of humor make for a fresh and intriguing ride. View his videos on YouTube.

DANNY MORENO. Utopia’s lead singer goes solo on Thursdays at La Palapa Restaurant from 5–8 p.m. His beautiful voice and mystical guitar magic make for a captivating evening. Danny studied at the National Conservatory of Music, and the Conservatorio de las Rosas for classical viola, and writes many of his enchanting songs.

MARK MULLIGAN. With eight albums, Mark is an iconic figure in San Carlos who plays to a packed house wherever he performs. His music style has evolved over the years to what he terms “Trop ROC.” Having a philanthropic heart, he combines his music with doing something that benefits the community—Castaway Kids.

ERIC HOLLAND. Folk, latino, spanglish, border, ballads are some of the pictures that provocative singer/songwriter Eric Holland evokes on his acoustical guitar and harmonica. Holland is a popular balladeer whose heart-wrenching music awakens your spirit to the turbulent border issues of the Mexican people and has resulted in two CDs: Sin Fronteras and American Immigrante.

. Two sets of twins make up this handsome, latino-male ensemble that is a syncrestic feast of Middle Eastern, Latin, gypsy and jazz blends that create joyful music that has you dancing and toe tapping to their fresh, creative renditions of classic and contemporary hits. Four wonderful CDs available.

UTOPIA. Exultant rock . . . HOT! HOT! HOT! Utopia is a celebration of the pagan spirit embodied by rock and roll. Come and be prepared to be launched into another matrix with virtuoso singer Danny Moreno and six impressively skilled musicians as their explosive energy makes the timbers of the palapa tremble.

LUNA. Gerardo Munoz and his sister Norma are the lead singers for this stunning group, with tenderly skillful backup guitarists Gilberto, Jorge and Cheyenne. A giant voice for such a young man, 19-year-old Gerardo with his huge, soulful, puppy-dog brown eyes and infectious smile will touch your heart with his stirring voice. Gerardo will soon debut in a musical in Hermosillo.

PETER POPE JONES. Manic, wild, charming, and drenched with the typical dry wit of an Englishman, this gifted guitarist and jazz/blues vocalist will delight you with his unique style. Peter will soon be at La Palapa one night a week. Stay tuned for day and time.

FAMILY BAND. If you like to dance, Tequila's is the hot spot to be on Friday and Saturday nights, 9 p.m.–3 a.m., with Family Band's awesome soft rock dance music. Together six years, this talented group's accomplished sound and harmonic mixture makes for a great evening.

. These two were crazy enough to be married on talk show radio in Dallas 20 years ago. They are vibrant, high-energy, immensely talented, fun-loving musicians, who march to their own drummer. Visit and download free music, or grab their latest CD, Life's Much Better in Mexico.

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