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Galleria Bellas Artes

Galleria Bellas Artes Hosts Show
By Lynn Prince

SAN CARLOS - Galleria Bellas Artes recently hosted a delightful cocktail party to introduce new art pieces along with a book signing where local resident Joe Noonkester's fourth psychological thriller, Twisted Delusions, made its debut. Noonkester, a former police officer, writes his spellbinding mystery novels based on his years of experience in the North Hollywood, California, police precinct.

The gallery is known for its traditional, contemporary paintings and sculptures. Two local residents, Michael Merrigan and Carol Pierce, were highlighted along with several of their art pieces. Both painters consider themselves realists and offered some lovely items.

Other stunning pieces of artwork were offered and a powerful oil painting entitled Ballarina by Becerra, a gifted artist from Puerto Vallarta, particularly caught my eye. Art gallery managers Rosie de Garcia and Silvia del Castillo were charming hosts as usual.

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