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Mexico Living on Channel 8, Sonoran Mexico Television

MEXICO LIVING interviewed for Channel 8, Sonoran Mexico Television.

San Carlos, Sonora - February 28, 2009 - Channel 8 in Sonora Mexico interviews San Carlos associate publisher Lynn Prince. She was asked where Mexico Living was produced, about our vision and goals along with a host of other questions. 

It will be aired next week on Monday and Friday on Channel 8 in Hermosillo, Empalme, Navajoa, Lake Obregon, San Carlos and Guaymas. The Producer will be providing a copy of the interview for us to have that we will digitize and post the TV coverage on Youtube and our site with an English voice-over for all our readers once it's been aired. Channel 8 then took close up shots of our February edition that will be aired on television next week along with the interview. 

The 3 television crew members (one was the Producer) commented on what a beautiful magazine it was and what a wonderful thing we were doing for Mexico. It was a real blessing Lynn wasn't expecting.

Lynn  later had breakfast in the restaurant garden with Carmen (owner) and her husband and "they talked extensively about Mexico Living." Carmen is very close to the Governor of Sonora, who is likely to be President of Mexico someday. The March issue of the Mexico Living's will be distributed to all the Sonoran government officials, thanks to Carmen; She loves Mexico Living and wants to help. 

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