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Mexico Living - Sandy's Wings and Things

Dining Off the Beaten Path
Sandy’s Wings ‘n’ Things
By Grechen Ellinger

If you drive to Cholla Bay from the north side of town, you drive right by Sandy’s Wings ‘n’ Things, and probably don’t even notice. Located on Boulevard Samuel Ocaña, Sandy’s has one of the only two palapas on the boulevard, so it is easy to find on the north side of the road. Owned and operated by Steve and Sandy Stratton, who are still learning about how things work in Mexico. On our first visit Steve was helping the propane delivery man figure out how to situate yet another size tank in the space carefully prepared for the “only” size, while Sandy anxiously awaited the propane supply to the kitchen.

Serving up favorites from north of the border, Sandy’s is the place to go for the biggest, meatiest chicken wings in Puerto Peñasco! With roots in Buffalo, Sandy knows wings and how to cook them perfectly. Tasty sauces range from sweet barbecue to dragon breath hot, though to Steve’s disappointment, there was just no demand for the traditional blue cheese sauce, so that has gone the way of the buffalo. Burgers, anyone? Sandy’s are in the BEST tradition of the American classic, made one by one with fresh Sonoran beef, served with colorful fresh vegetables, crunchy lettuce and a generous side of perfectly cooked fries. If you aren’t yet convinced, take a look at the prices. $35 pesos for a burger and fries, $30 pesos for a half dozen wings—how can you go wrong?

To get to Sandy’s from downtown Puerto Peñasco, take Calle Constitucion north to Blvd Samuel Ocaño, turn right and proceed to the second stop sign. Do a U-turn at that intersection, and go back down Blvd Samuel Ocaño to the palapa on your right. Call Sandy’s at (638) 100-6455 to order ahead. ¡Buen Provecho!

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