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New Digs for Dogs Beginning

New Digs for Dogs Beginning Friday, April 17th.

Beginning Friday, April 17th, ZAPP will be holding spay/neuter clinics at our new location in San Felipe. We will now be doing surgeries at a new location, just behind the light blue Jehovah Church on Mar Caribe, (Mar Caribe is the street that the "Z" Market is on, the same street that takes you to the baseball field).

The Church is located on the corner of Mar Caribe and Acapulco, and the new location is on the street directly behind the Church. It's a brand new facility, completely air conditioned, ceiling fans throughout, new plumbing, great light, and best of all, we have a bano inside! Thank you Casey Hamlin.

Our next scheduled clinic is Friday, April 17th, and then again on Friday, April 24th. We are also switching clinics to Fridays from Saturdays, to make it easier on Dr Solis's commute. As you know, his office is open on Wednesday and Thursday here in San Felipe, so from now on he won't have to go back to Mexicali on Friday, only to return on Saturday.

See you there, Dogman

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