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Powerful and Joyful Flamenco

Powerful and Joyful Flamenco Performance in San Carlos
By Christa Thomas

It was standing room only for Julia Chacon and Inspiración Flamenca’s performance at the San Carlos Plaza. And, at only US$10 a ticket, it was money well spent.

The energetic interaction of Julia’s dancing, the gut-wrenching singing of Meagan Chandler and the beautiful guitar playing of Joaquin Gallegos was infectious and soon had the audience shouting olé! Julia dominated the stage with her rapid-fire staccato footwork and graceful and sensual movements. The performance was a passionate and fiery expression of life and love. With power and attitude surging from the souls of her feet and bursting over the audience, Julia allowed us to see, feel and share emotions ranging from pain and suffering to ecstasy and joy.

In February, the always entertaining Banda de Música del Gobierno del Estado de Sonora presented their big band sound, performing everything from the Star Wars theme, to symphonic works and folk music.

From November through March, the Performing Arts Council hosts monthly concerts in San Carlos. Upcoming in March are Greek guitarists, the Sahnas Brothers. For more information on the Performing Arts Council and to see the schedule, go to

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