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San Felipe News Briefs

San Felipe News Briefs: February 2009
by Carlos and Julia Bono of Sahuaros Realty
Photo by Victor Rodriguez

In business news, San Felipe is excited to host the new Sexy Boutique, located across from Al’s Backstreet Bar. Linda Garcia, the wedding/events planner from Maria Bonita, is the proprietor and her adult shop features a unique collection of lingerie, stockings and sex toys. Also, La Plazita, located on Mar Caribe across from Bancomer, is quickly becoming a nexus for fine artists and art shows, after the Baja Nueva art store owned by Jerry and Sherry Lankin moved there from its location adjacent to the Latin Garden Restaurant. The recent drop of the Mexican peso to a record low of 15.50 against the U.S. dollar on March 2 has increased Mexico’s attractiveness to tourists, and foreign exchange shops have opened to handle the business. One such new cambio, Multi-Servicios Los Arcos is located next to Dr. Abasola’s office on Chetumal. Also, Baja Java’s northern cafe at Playa San Rafael has begun hosting elegant live music for Sunday brunch from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., featuring classical and jazz duo Interpolacion, and solo classical guitarist Carlos Bono.

In municipal news, Baja California Governor Jose Guadalupe Ozuna Millan, along with Mexicali Mayor Rodolfo Valdez Gutierrez, visited on February 9 to inaugurate a large North Campo water storage facility with San Felipe Delegado Hazael Sierra Castillo. On February 21, Mayor Valdez Guiterrez also inaugurated a new street paving project beginning on Veracruz St. in Los Arcos. The Puertectios-Laguna Chapala road development now extends about 20 km south of Puertecitos, with completion of the 140 km project anticipated by year end. Extensive road works along Highway 5 from San Felipe to Mexicali have set up a dirt road diversion between km 159 and 169 (about five miles north of El Dorado Ranch) that has caused hazardous conditions for low clearance cars due to rocks and washboards, so caution is advised. Also, construction has begun again on the high-rise Playa del Paraiso development near the Marina after it recently changed hands. Local fishermen are busy preparing for the Curvina and Sierra fishing season as the shrimp season ends, and the spring daylights savings time change in Mexico will be on April 5 this year, almost a month after the U.S. changes on March 8.

In terms of events, the 7th Annual Paella Festival held at the beachfront El Cortez Hotel on February 21 was a huge success, drawing a crowd of approximately 400 people who enjoyed the great food and mariachi band music. Denny and Sandy Flannigan’s Valentine’s Day party at the Latin Garden Restaurant on February 14 was also well attended. Townspeople partied well into the night at the San Felipe Carnival 2009, held on February 19–24, despite less tourists and vendors than usual. Attendees enjoyed the popular parade floats, live music, queen competition and numerous carnival rides. The 23rd Tecate SCORE San Felipe off-road race ran from March 13–15 in San Felipe. An agreement was signed by Oscar Ramos of SCORE 250, Benito Lopez of the Ejido and Rodolfo Valdez Guiterrez, the Mayor of Mexicali, for the popular spring race to run on the same route as last year.

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