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San Felipe Weather...Fish Tales

During my morning weather fact finding walk I noticed something that I had seen a thousand times but when I looked closer I discovered what I thought was an abandon shrimp stand just across from the AM PM was wash in activity. Fisherman unloading thousands of pounds of fish and cleaning them for sale, other local markets and restaurants in the area. These guys know about weather and I'll be consulting with them regularly for insights on the weather...and about the local fish fare.

Today's weather will be the warmest of the week with afternoon temps into the low 80's. Last nights starry skies yielded to cloudy conditions this morning and we can expect more cloud cover than yesterday. Gradual cooling over the weekend with our high temps dipping into the mid to low 70s...If "they" are right you might want to have your parka handy on Sunday morning. Otherwise it is the weekend just go do it!

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