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San Felipe Weather...Weather Report Delayed By Internet...Not By Weather

San Felipe Weather... Fresco

Fresco, Fresh, Crisp, Clear,...Blue. This morning's low at the weather station registered a chilly 46 degrees just before sunrise. Now just before 8:00 the temps are already up 10 degrees and the breeze is mild. If we have a rerun of yesterday (not all reruns are bad) it will be a lovely day. Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous. Our Konsaga Island stood out in incredible stark white contrast to the Sea and resembled a Shark's tooth. Anyone that lives here will attest that the island rarely looks the same on any given day. Atmospheric conditions change our perception of the shape and color all the time...more on that in a later rambling. Looks like a great day to be in San Felipe, so get out there and enjoy the Fresco, Fresh, Crisp, Clear,...Blue, and Warming day.

Photo By Sean:
The San Felipe Marina
From the top floor of
Playa del Paraiso.
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