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Shaping Dreams into Rooms

Shaping Dreams into Rooms
Disenos Casa y Jardin
By Naomi Black

Pueato Penasco - An empty room of four walls and a ceiling is a blank canvas. And at times, it can simply be overwhelming to imagine the room in its completeness. A successful interior designer is an artist who can listen and interpret the shapeless visions of the homeowner and artfully contour these dreams into a reality. What is the function of the room? Will this space be for entertaining and partying? Will it be for relaxing and meditation? What are the habits of the homeowner? Will the focal point be a family heirloom or a prized painting?

Eddie Wharez is such an artist. His store and studio is Disenos Casa y Jardin, located on the Old Cholla road in Puerto Peñasco. Eddie, named by his mom after Edgar Allen Poe, was born in Pachuca, Mexico. He was raised in Guadalajara and worked in Puerto Vallarta. His past experiences in the management of a medical research facility along with being involved in the tourist industry may at first seem unrelated to his present work as a designer. But, Eddie points out that these work experiences actually prepared him in many very specific ways for his work as an interior designer.

Working in a scientific laboratory was structured work with strict codes and protocol. Likewise in design, there are some things that must be just right! For example, yardage for upholstery or drapes, measurements for room dimensions and furniture size, even colors and textures are precise equations that require an exacting eye. Similarly, his experience in the tourist industry helped Eddie to understand the value of being hospitable and friendly, making the homeowner feel at ease and reassured.

Disenos Casa y Jardin is a retail shopping experience. The store has been open for six years; although it has been at the Cholla location for two years. Music filters in the air and lamps provide a home-like ambience. The place is brimming with unique items that have been selected at World Markets from such exotic locales as Kenya, Spain, Cuba and Indonesia. Come in and browse the store! You will find outdoor furniture made specifically to tolerate the salt air, indoor furniture, beautiful pictures, ornate mirrors, exquisite lamps, great replicas and statues along with local art and trinkets.

This is one-stop shopping, as you may place custom orders for specialty items such as blinds or even have a custom piece of furniture made. Disenos Casa y Jardin has six employees in the store; but also has a workforce that can accomplish every detail from installation of blinds, upholstering, painting (including faux finishes), cut glass tops for tables and even carpenters.

Whether your style is Modern, Contemporary, Traditional Mexican, Old Spain or Rustic, and whether your color choices are bright or muted, your preferences leather, wood, ironwork, wicker or chrome, stop by and discover Disenos Casa y Jardin!

Eddie Wharez is also the host of “Doce a dos” a local call-in radio show on Fridays at noon in which he answers decorating questions. Disenos' phone number is 383-8633; from the U.S. (602) 324-9328. You may email Eddie at

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