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Calderon Invests in Mexico

President Calderón Invests in a Healthy Mexico
By Christa Thomas

Despite the international economic downturn, President Calderón has vowed to invest over $133 billion in the health sector and pledged to achieve universal health coverage by 2011. The goal is to construct an integrated health system for all Mexicans, regardless of their economic, social or employment status.

Of that investment, $7 billion will be allocated for building new hospitals and health centers. “We are also working very hard to prevent diseases, since we know that every peso spent on health prevention means a savings of several dozen pesos in health treatment," President Calderón explained.

Currently, over 80 million Mexicans have some type of affiliation with public health institutions, such as the Mexican Social Security Institute, the ISSSTE or the Popular Insurance Scheme. It is the government’s goal to reform these public institutions. And, coverage for families without IMSS or ISSSTE has been expanded through Popular Insurance and Medical Insurance for a New Generation.

The Medical Insurance for a New Generation has been implemented and 1.7 million children have been registered as the beneficiaries of this medical insurance program, which aims to close the medical care gap among the population.

The government is also investing heavily in Health Caravans, a program that uses trucks and other vehicles to transport a small operating theater of surgery and dental equipment to all those communities that would otherwise be without.

Through these many impressive efforts, President Calderón is demonstrating his determination to promote and achieve a healthy Mexico.


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