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El Gallo Reopens in San Carlos

By Lynn Prince

I’ve always loved the tranquil, meditative aura of the secret garden feeling that El Gallo Restaurant filled me with when I dined there in the past, so I was delighted to hear that they had reopened their doors once again.

El Gallo is an enchanting outdoor garden eatery where food can be a contemplative experience in the beautiful setting where it is lovingly created. Wonderful metal sculptures and interesting pottery pieces are scattered throughout the grounds amidst the beautiful floral landscape to add to your dining pleasure.

Currently open for breakfast and lunch, the focus is now on many terrific “heart smart” dishes. Much study and thought went into the preparation of these new dishes aimed at maintaining good health combined with interesting and creative cuisine.

The wonderful creativeness of Chef Mercedes resulted in my feasting on a delicate omelette filled with “delicioso” portobella mushrooms and tender fresh spinach . . . all laced with a lightly sweetened yogurt sauce. Her presentation of the dish was lovely and it tasted heavenly!

I also sampled an interesting oatmeal omelette with turkey/ham and bathed in a prune salsa with mango and kiwi that was surprisingly yummy! The traditional bacon, onion and poblano chili Mexicano omelette drenched in the rich ranchero sauce was equally as tasty.

A variety of egg dishes, hot cakes and Mexican specialties along with the “heart smart” fare grace the varied menu. With breakfast being this superb, I am looking forward to dropping by for lunch and trying the Salmon Fillet Vinaigrette, Chateaubriand Fillet or one of the other hearty dishes offered on their interesting lunch menu. And the price is right!

El Gallo will soon be open at night, and is also available for birthday, anniversary parties and other special events. And, if you have dinner there on your birthday, you will get a discount on your meal according to the number of candles on your cake!

El Gallo is located by Maravilloso Art Gallery. Current hours are Wednesday through Monday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Telephone: 226-1087.


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