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Joy and Empowerment - Puerto Penasco

Joy and Empowerment: An Interview With Nina Joy.
By Ruth Muñoz-Hjelm February 4, 2009

Nina Joy’s being a part of Puerto Peñasco is not accidental, but rather a following of her heart and her family’s tradition to live their lives surrounded with beauty and serenity in places such as this city by the sea. This port allows her the freedom to work in harmony with nature, as well as seeking the type of work that provides her with empowerment of the self. She was born in Florida and her first chosen field of work was to be a doctor, but she soon became disillusioned with some of the trappings of the commercial side of medicine. Her initial goals have formed a part of her life, however, which guided her to pursue a better way for women to give birth, something she practiced herself with the birth of her own three daughters: Now, Star, and Iam Joy. All three were born at home with the help of midwives, and a pain-free, underwater method, which she explains as: “I had to come to a place of no fear.” This life experience has made such an important impact in her life that it has now become a family business project under way in conjunction with their other family business, a TV business shared with her husband Bracken and their three daughters.

Puerto Peñasco TV presents holistic information on Channel 17. The family began by filming anything they wanted to videotape, starting with 70 short videos of events that were done in less than eight months. Their goal is to show video that promotes Peñasco as a place of nature derived from the ocean and the desert, as well as a place for regaining a sense of health, a positive outlook and personal empowerment. As she says, “We knew the secret of life long before ‘The Secret’ came out and became the commercial success it is today. We visualize what we want and we set the tone.” The family business required the family to move from their home by the Mayan Palace, where according to Nina, who mentions this with some regret in her voice and her expression, “Each one of the girls was able to have their own ‘Casita’ which formed a part of the main house.” Both home and business are now located in the privacy of Puerta Privada.

Another business pursuit of Nina’s is to promote a powerful liquid formula beverage by Vemma, made with mangosteen, minerals and antioxidants that provide energy and a daily dose of vitamins. She and her family consume this energy health drink themselves, so she believes in the product. When you talk to Nina Joy these days, you can sense her urgency and delight to get back to work on her home birthing project, because she has to “take advantage of her moments of inspiration.” The family has practiced not only child birth at home, but homeschooling as well, moving and living in places like Hawaii and Sedona, Arizona. So what is her vision of the future for Puerto Peñasco? Perhaps a birthing center, and she plans to focus on her project of painless, fearless birth as well as raising her children in a gentle living environment, where she and her family can work and play and where she can create her own “little piece of heaven.”

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