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A New Way To Shop San Felipe

A New Way To Shop San Felipe
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Sean Harrington, your daily weather guy here. When I am not pondering the weather I am hard at work building and organizing the new segunda/second hand consignment store, I call Las Palmas International Segunda & Trading Post...just because I can.

Originally conceived as a garage sale to liquidate some "stuff" I had in storage, I went to a lot of effort to change around the property to accommodate a segunda. I spend a lot of time at home in my outdoors office, writing the morning San Felipe Weather for Mexico Living’s great web site, and other freelance writing, my Massage Studio is also here on the grounds as well. I discovered that a segunda was fitting well with my new San Felipe lifestyle, but I began to run low on my own personal stuff to sell, enter the consignment concept. Almost without effort I got my first two clients, who have consigned me "stuff" to sell for them. Now with consigned “stuff” in addition to the "stuff" I am parting with, there is some pretty nice “stuff” here… I am beginning to think there is a market for this service. Click here to see the inventory

Last Saturday I was out to the El Dorado Flea market passing out fliers for the segunda and consignment service. As I told a couple of gals what I was doing, they asked me if I happened to have a stainless steel refrigerator. I told them no, but, who knows what I’ll have next week. Later that same day I was asked if I had any jet ski or quads. So with the power of the internet and a physical location I thought that I might be able to put buyers & sellers together, so I am now experimenting with a Concierge Service.

With other folks "stuff" here, I am working quickly on securing the area. We have repaired and chained the gates and fencing has been installed around the perimeter of the actual segunda area. The next phase is to attach palm frawns to the outside for that rustic Palapa look.

So far with the exception of a few pesos for a couple of new concrete bits we have done everything with materials and hardware we had, found, scrounged, bartered for, allocated, bought used dirt cheap etc. Recycle, Reuse. It has been fun, but sometimes frustrating to build with what you have instead of relying on brand new stuff, but we are using our intuitive ingenuity and our local Mexican mindset that says "make it work with what you got."

This doesn't look like the road to riches, but it allows me to do other things. With my new found freedom from regular employment (not exactly my idea) I have taken on a few community based projects. The weather report being a fun one, I hope to find ways to be a larger contributor to Mexico Living. Another is a new opportunity for me to offer a hand to ZAPP. We are in the process of working out a program for the segunda to help ZAPP financially. One way we will accomplish this is to accept donations of “stuff” for ZAPP and the proceeds from the sales of said "stuff" will go to ZAPP's Spay & Neuter Clinic.

Las Palmas Segunda is located across the road from
the Bus Terminal directly behind Lubricantes Tellez & McGivers Tacos...Location Location Location!...Look up for the Palms

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  1. Sound like a great new adventure Sean and I do and will have things I'd like to consign with you. Will stop by and see your new place soon.

    Kathy P