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Our 54 Dogs are Safe and Alive!

Hi ZAPP supporters. This is Steven Forman, aka Dogman, and I want to bring you up to speed on our situation in San Felipe. As you know 59 (amended from 57) dogs were abducted from our streets during a "roundup" in San Felipe on Friday, March 27th. Since Thursday, five of these dogs have been retrieved by owners. Fifty four remain locked up in Mexicali.

Both our Mexican attorney and I have been working all week with Mexicali Animal Control, the Mayor's office in San Felipe, and other officials from the Government trying to get these 54 dogs released to us. They are fully aware of our passion and our committment to the well being of these animals in lockup, and know we are a "No-Kill" organization.

Today, San Felipe's Mayor, Hazael Sierra Castillo signed a document, which is in my possession, guaranteeing that our animals are safe, well fed, and that no future "roundups" will take place until we reach an agreement and resolve our problem. The problem being, that legally, San Felipe has the right, and a law is on the books, to remove dogs from the streets that are untethered, whether pets or not. Especially around Semana Santa (Holy Week), they make a concerted effort to do just that.

What we are in the process of doing is creating an alliance between ZAPP, SFAR and the Government, so that future round ups will deliver the dogs picked up directly back to us. Tomorrow, at 1pm, Hazael has a meeting with his superiors in Mexicali, when he will present our proposal in writing, that we are committed to working in concert with the Mexican Government to control street population. He's 99% certain that the 54 dogs that were rounded up last Friday, who unfortunately remain locked up, but safe, will be returned to us by Friday, safe and sound.

We are Americans living in Mexico, and process is slower and more difficult for us, to say the least. But we have not lost our focus, and we've been persistent to the tenth power. Our attorney, Carmen Nuñez, has been tenacious, and I highly recommend her services if you ever need someone who is bilingual and smart. Her number in San Felipe is 686-234-3320.

When the dogs are returned to us, they will go to the SFAR site in Las Minitas, where they will be held until our next spay/neuter clinic, Friday, April 17th. If you'd like to donate food to this effort, please drop it at the SFAR Thrift Store, One of Kind Clothing, or Dr Solis's office. If you'd like to donate to the effort, you can do that below. ZAPP and SFAR are both "no-kill" organizations, so avoiding needless euthaniasia at any cost,  is critical to the work we do, and our vision and committment to animals.

Thank You for everything, I'll keep you posted....Steven Forman, aka Dogman

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