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Playa del Paraiso: Under Construction

Playa del Paraiso: Under Construction
This Cinderella comeback couldn't have happened at a better time
by Sean Harrington

Under Construction. We see that all the time on the Internet, the highways and in residential and commercial building sites. Under Construction has been the norm for a long time until recently. The old adage has always been when the US of A gets a cold, Mexico gets pneumonia, and we've been showing signs of this condition.

The symptoms of the condition come in the form of one development after another modifying construction schedules, reducing staff, searching for additional investment capital, canning the advertising budget (not a good idea), or go comatose—stopping altogether.

One such comatose development was Playa del Paraiso, San Felipe's flagship luxury high-rise condominium hotel project. Now after months of delays and false starts, it appears to be under full sail again. They are back under construction, and have begun delivery of phase one.

Playa del Paraiso is an ambitious project, and when fully completed will be San Felipe's crown jewel. Playa del Paraiso sits on a perfect sandy beach just a few dozen yards north of San Felipe's Marina. The high-rise offers exceptional views from almost every floor and is outright breathtaking from the penthouse floors. Water views to the south include the Marina and the south beaches all the way to the southern point of Bahia de San Felipe. Views toward San Felipe include the Lighthouse and San Felipe's signature Macharro Mountains, rising 1,000 feet above the northernmost end of the bay. There are two miles of beach that connect San Felipe's downtown and the Marina waterfront district. Views from the backside of the high-rise are just as impressive where the eyes scan vast areas of desert framed by the soaring Sierra San Padro Mertir range.

Certainly not alone, Playa del Paraiso has had its fair share of difficulties bringing such an ambitious project to reality. The project has recently been purchased by a construction group with considerable commercial successes under their belts over the last 25 years and have access to capital even in the current strangled credit market. Capital and experience are pivotal keys to a successful project in a developing community.

The property is bristling with activity. Raw material and workers are everywhere as they push to deliver phase one and get phase two and phase three back on an organized and believable schedule. While some units are still shells, others are complete and delivered, others are being prepped for delivery and steel is being ordered for the next phase. Workers, equipment, tools, material and music is everywhere. They even have a makeshift restaurant on site to handle hefty construction worker appetites, it also helps keep them close to the job site. The place is a madhouse of activity and things are getting done. The end result is elegant.

Playa del Paraiso has a lot of positive karma going for it. For the local economy Playa del Paraiso's Cinderella comeback couldn't have happened at a better time for the local construction industry, which has seen many other projects slow down or stall. For the buyers, they are getting what they paid for . . . nothing but the best. Built to the International Building Code (UABC) and abiding by the code set forth by the Steel & Concrete Institute of The United States, the building is solid; 200-mile-an-hour winds are unheard of in San Felipe, but Paraiso says, "Bring it on, we can handle it."

As a living experience, life at Playa del Paraiso will be a cut above. Gorgeous, spacious, luxuriously appointed condominiums offering oversized outdoor living balconies with world-class views. Paraiso is low-density living for a property of this size. Playa del Paraiso's product offers full hotel amenities including concierge service, nearly five acres of fun-filled open space with huge pools, palapa bars, playgrounds for the kids and nearly three acres of pristine beach. Congratulations, Playa del Paraiso, your success will be a legacy for San Felipe.

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