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Realtors Giving Back to Rosarito Community’s

Local Realtors Giving Back to Rosarito Community’s Less Fortunate
By Carlos Durán

Recently I was invited on a couple of tours sponsored by AMPI (Mexican Professional Realtors Association) members. One was a caravan “Open House” tour hosted by Diane Gibbs for the purpose of showcasing properties to other agents, which are available for purchase along the Gold Coast. This gave broker members of AMPI a good stock of properties available, as the influx of visitors is on the rise, thankfully ending a cold, lonely winter.

The other was a charitable tour for the distribution of 75 blankets to needy children, 50 of which were donated by Walmart. Many of the blankets were donated to children that are being cared for because their moms are serving time in rehabilitation facilities.

The home is run by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fruin, a couple from San Luis Obispo and their family for the purpose of feeding, housing and ensuring the children continue their schooling until their families can care for them again. They are currently housing 14 children; ages 3 to 14. Eleven of the boys sleep in one bed and three girls sleep in another. The upstairs roof is being finished with the help of $4,000 pesos donated by AMPI members. The home has many needs such as clothing, food, a full-size refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Please contact any member of AMPI if you can help with any of the above.

The AMPI members then caravanned into some of the poorest neighborhoods on the outskirts of Colonia Constitución to spread the warmth. They targeted needy families as they distributed many blankets to keep them warm for what remains of a cold winter.

Later in the week AMPI and Mrs. Torres, Mayor Hugo Torres’ wife, visited a “desayunador” breakfast room to present the Breakfast Program organized by the social services she leads called DIF, Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (Comprehensive Family Development) agency. DIF’s program is for needy children whose parents apply for the program in the 38 Rosarito elementary schools. The breakfasts are prepared by an army of volunteer moms in the kitchen of each school. DIF also requires the children’s parents to attend “Parenting Classes” to learn about the value of good nutrition, discipline and the importance of homework support by the family.

In one month, AMPI raised enough money to feed 80 children a hot breakfast every school day for a month. Anyone can contribute toward this effort. Just $3 will feed one child a cold breakfast every school day for one month, and $6 a hot breakfast; $118.50 will feed an entire class (around 40 pupils) a cold breakfast for a month, $237.50 a hot breakfast. An $80 donation can help with a uniform and school supplies for a child, for an entire year.

If you are able to help AMPI and DIF with school breakfasts, please make your check payable to AMPI Rosarito, memo: DIF Breakfast or DIF School Year and mail it to AMPI Rosarito, c/o Steve Steele, PMB 200, PO Box 189010, Coronado, CA 92178. A receipt/factura will be mailed back to donors for tax purposes.

These efforts by the AMPI membership are positive examples of actions the private sector can take in efforts to improve the overall wellness of communities. Good work, and ¡Gracias! AMPI.

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