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Yesterday's weather took a surprising turn for the cool. As the red indicator needle on my comfort monitor sung into the low 70s briefly then quickly retreated into the mid 60's for the remainder of the day. An other reminder of fickle spring time weather was a Bee Swarm a dozen miles south of town. A friend called to say she couldn't leave the house as a swarm of bees had invaded the entry. After fighting her way through them with a broom a few members of the homeless honey bees decided to hitch a ride into town on the front bumper...These bees sees freeze trees...err this bunch of bees shown in the photo, rode the dozen miles to town on the bumper. (sorry the pic isn't better not a lot of time to focus on this subject).

A few hours later we returned and there wasn't a bee to bee found...They could be heading your way! If you end up with a bee swarm, don't bee alarmed,...but of course bee careful, they are not aggressive unless messed with.
Today's weather will bee clear breezy and warming, mid to upper 70s. Warming trend through the weekend is still on the horizon.

Photo By Sean:
Bee My Honey Bee
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