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San Felipe Weather...Delightful Morning Sky

San Felipe Weather...Delightful Morning Sky. The 5:00 AM sky this morning was a delightful sight. A bright sliver of moon, diamond like Venus shining at moon's side, the sparkling universe above, orange skies below. It is a pleasant 72 degrees this morning with low humidity. The atmosphere is pleasant on the skin while the nose can sense something pleasant in the air, all together a memorable moment. Mercury rising, bi metal springs expanding, you & I perspiring. Temperatures today I suspect will be in the high 90s, skies will be clear, the welcome breeze will return. A cooling trend (hey its only April) starting tomorrow with partly cloudy skies to shade the Earth Day beach cleanup.

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Real Weather Forecast, The "They" Guys Forecast
Tue Apr 21 06:35:06 PDT
Air Temperature: 72°F
Heat Index: 72°F
Relative Humidity: 24%
Wind: SW 5-6 MPH
Water Temperature: 69°F

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