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San Felipe Weather...How could you Go Wrong?

That warming trend is going to get some traction over the next several days. Viewing the weather data (yes I actually do that) It looks like it could jump to hot over the next few days. At this point in my weather education, I am learning to correlate weather predictions for the Mexicali /Yuma areas and hard data from a few sources around San Felipe and then figure in how our relation with the Sea of Cortez will effect our weather. This is seat of the pants stuff folks so hang in there with me. Mexicali is forecasted to jump to over a hundred in the next couple of days...I don't think we are going to get there...yet.

While I learn more about the weather my current prediction is how could you go wrong today? Clear, warm, lower humidity and a light breeze to make being in the sun comfortable. It is a go out and do it weekend. Oh yeah it is time to start carrying around a water bottle again. Please recycle!

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Don't let this happen to
San Felipe
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