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San Felipe Weather...Is There Time For The Weather

Without time there could be no weather? I ponder. Give me the most perfect part of the day when the weather around me is euphoric and stop the clock. Yes when I awoke today the weather was still cool and breezy but I found I was experiencing it in the wrong time. While I slept "they" you remember "they"..."they" say, "they' predict, "they" are pretty busy...but last night "they" stole an hour from me and I didn't even notice until I was told so. Why couldn't "they" just change all the clocks for me and I never would have noticed...the prefect crime. I suppose that this will alter the time of day when we reach peak temperature, which today...errr sometime today, should reach the mid to upper 70s. They say the wind is likely to blow...duhhh. "They" also say this cool & breezy weather will become cool breezy and cloudy later this week, but that's "they's" problem to figure out, its way to far out for me to think about now.

If you haven't set you clocks ahead and you care...its time...So many clocks, so little time.

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