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San Felipe Weather...Let's Talk About The Wind

First let's get the basics out of the way. Clear skies and sunshine expect lower than average temperatures but they should get into the low 80s. Cooler than average night time temps to about 60. Winds will be tolerable and constant. So what is it with this wind thing? Wind is basically, the movement of air from one part of the atmosphere to an other. The moving air (wind) is caused by differences in air pressures between areas. Areas of high pressure contain more air than low pressures areas and wind is mother natures way of sharing or balancing.
What causes high pressure areas I am still not sure of, but Mother nature has children scattered in all directions, so at the moment I am guessing sibling rivalry is causing all the high pressure, I am still studying. Oh and what the wind is doing down here on the ground has nothing to do with the air up there, sometimes referred to as the jet stream. While the jet stream does snake around a bit it generally moves weather from West to East...kinda like fashion trends.

The point is, oh there's a point? Yes. See the big green blob on the weather map at the top? Mother nature is going to share that with us over the next few day. The "they" folks are calling for clouds rolling in over the next few days with a 20% chance of rain, which means 0% chance here of noticeable precipitation on Friday...Taking bets!

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