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San Felipe Weather...Let's Talk About Tomorrow!

Today looks pretty good. Cool in the early morning. sunny and warming nicely to the mid 70s. Calm to light breezes...but our air mass is cooling and that could bring some rain tomorrow. Those "they" guys are getting pretty serious about the possibility of rain and have raised the bar from 20% chance, (which abound here means it isn't going to rain), to a 50% chance of rain tomorrow, one of the strongest weather statements I've seen in a long time.

Ever heard that saying that roofs in San Felipe were built to keep out the sun? What that means is that the roofs here are notorious for keeping out the sun...yes, but letting in the rain. Since rain is so rare around here may I suggest that you keep one eye on the weather and the other on your roof.

Photo by Sean:
Semana Santa Festivities
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