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San Felipe Weather...More Weather 101

I hate having to write a retraction, however an astute reader...(thanks Mom) pointed out that high pressure systems are not created by stress on old mother nature, rather unequal heating of the earth's surface. Air masses of sinking air are called highs, high pressure regions or anticyclones. Clear skies and fair weather usually occur in these regions. Air masses of rising air are called lows, low pressure regions, depressions or cyclones. Clouds rain and strong winds often occur in these regions. An air mass is rather large covering some millions of square miles. There are on average 50 air masses covering our Earth, interacting bumping into each other jockeying for position and substantially effecting our weather. We are fortunate to have our weather regularly effected by high pressure air masses.

This morning at day break was a cool 59 degrees. It is dead calm at the moment and today's breezes should be pleasant. Expect the high today around 80 degrees, maybe a little below or a little above depending on where in San Felipe you are...It is going to be as Paul Harvey's signature tag line reminds us, a....Good Day!

Photo By Sean:
High Pressure System
Clear Sunny Weather

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