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San Felipe Weather....Think Yesterday all Over Again

Mixing up the terminology. What is Scattered Clouds, versus Partly Cloudy, versus Just Plain Cloudy? Someday I hope to have an answer for that I can share with you, for now I am in the dark with the rest of you. We have clouds however...but my highly trained eye...where's my glasses, is having a difficult time discerning if we are experiencing partly cloudy conditions or scattered clouds. Expect our rising air pressure to allow us to warm up a little more today despite the clouds. Maybe low 80s. Looking at the radar there are plenty of clouds to be had out there and largely the winds will probably determine if we are under partly cloudy, scattered clouds or just plain cloudy skies. For the moment the winds are calm, but that is likely to change with forecasted winds to pick up throughout the day, and they could send the clouds away or bring them to us, we'll see. Send in the Clowns!

Photo by Sean:
Send In The Clowns
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