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San Felipe Weather...Weird Wild Winds

San Felipe: Yesterday the winds were constant but tolerable. I felt empowered while sweeping sand and watching it go airborne and actually leave the property. But fate waved its fickle finger and by 5:00 yesterday afternoon the winds had not only picked up significantly...they had completely reversed direction, like a giant inhale that had made the days exhale possible. Redeposited was a large portion of the sand I had moved and the miscellaneous debris that denotes San Felipe's construction & consumer culture. Dog proof lids would go along way to helping keep San Felipe cleaner.

Enough about the is still with us today but should be less intense than yesterdays, which direction it will blow from?...all of them. Still cooler than average temperatures expect afternoon temperatures in the mid to upper 70s after a cool morning. Don't bother sweeping up yet.

Photo by Sean:
Winds Make Waves
Punta Estrella

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