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Silvia Chavez Inventor of Colors

Inventor of Colors
by Alfonso Arámbula Robles
Silvia Chavez allows for the possibility of basic colors to split into infinite chromatic manifestations, through an interaction of light and color. On her canvas, she gifts us with her expressions and mixes of brilliant gammas ranging beyond that of a rainbow; interconnected by multiple forms, as though it were an unending echo of a musical resonance of images.

A native to Baja California, Silvia and her family currently live in Ensenada. She is a joyous woman with a sparkling smile, who lives her life as a woman of multiple commitments; such is the role of one who is a mother and a housewife. She cares for her children, Alexandra and Xavier, as well as her husband, Xavier; a man who encourages and supports her in so many ways, so that she can also be true to the artist she is. It is commendable that she has her perspective in check on these family commitments, adoring her children and husband, while giving herself the time and liberty to be an artist; which she does masterfully.

In her short span of six years as a painter, Silvia has achieved a great discipline and academic growth. Also her freedom and expressive depth have expanded, as shown in her last few acrylic paintings that are so impressive for their thematic originality and the intensive manner of color usage through traces of spatula and brush strokes, achieved with a meticulous genre mix of realism and surrealism.

Her creations surge with mastery and elegance—this is the way I can describe Silvia’s pictorial expressions and how you can visualize them—whimsical and evolutionary, looking for new levels of auto expression as a painter and an artist.

It is worthwhile to continue following the artwork of this appreciated artist for her commitment and passion; we will find that she has and will still be reaching far beyond all expectations in the future. The beautiful art of Silvia Chavez is a piece of relevant stylistic art for beautifying one’s house or office space. After I get done writing this article, I will call her to negotiate the purchase of one of her paintings; Bernie, my girlfriend and muse, will definitely be thrilled with this new acquisition.

I invite you to consider the possibility of acquiring an outstanding art piece that can also be a good investment and an acknowledgment to the grand artistry of Silvia Chavez. Contact Silvia at or (646) 171-5024.

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