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Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Puerto Penasco

Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Puerto Peñasco
by Rita Pizarro

1. Sunsets: Wintertime seems to bring the best sunsets of the year. One of the best spots to watch the sun go down over the water in the winter is on top of Whale Hill near La Casa Del Capitan.

2. Kitesurfing: Cholla Bay is the perfect kitesurfing spot for the northerly winter winds and is the best spot to learn this challenging sport.

3. Skimboarding: Calm, windless days are great times for skimboarding. One of the best spots is at Playa Bonita. Better in middle to low tide, but you can still do it in high tide. This is also a good spot for sunset watching; you can skimboard until the sun goes down!

4. Best Morning Bike Ride: One of the best bicycle routes is going through Old Port; you can see the ocean, feel the fresh ocean breeze and enjoy the Old Port area when it is still quiet and calm.

5. Riding Dune Buggies: All the locals seem to agree, the best hill for dune buggies is Competition Hill just before Cholla Bay.

6. Snorkeling: Those beautiful days when the water is crystal clear and looks more like a lake than an ocean are perfect for snorkeling. A very good spot is the reef right in front of Manny's Beach Club.

7. Best Place to Surf: On one of the few days a year that waves are good enough to surf, there is a great spot for advanced surfers right by The Point Restaurant in Old Port. This is a very rocky area, so if you are not an advanced surfer, you can try a safer place like the flat areas in Las Conchas.

8. Sand Dune Boogie Boarding: If there are no waves, but you want to use your boogie board, go sand dune boogie boarding! There are some good dunes coming into town from Lukeville, but we found a great spot between Playa La Jolla and Estero Morua.

9. Beach Golf: Perfect in winter and on calm windless days; just pick the low tide and a flat area and play! One of the best spots is Playa Encanto; there are usually not many people on the beach, which makes it easier to hit a golf ball and see how far you can make it go!

10. Sea Kayaking: Kayaking the Sea of Cortez or the Estuary, either sunrise or sunset, is a moving experience, great exercise and lots of fun. One of the best places to kayak would be near Old Port. Explore the point, the marina, the open sea and more.

There are many fun and healthy activities for families and active people in Puerto Peñasco. Remember to stay safe and within your skill level before trying anything new.

Rita Pizarro is a local massage therapist and freelance writer. Thanks to Tom Thomas, local home inspector. You can reach both of them at (602) 748-4134 or

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