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Qué es Circus Mexicus?

Qué es Circus Mexicus?

“Rock ’n’ Roll and Mexico . . . with color, tequila, the sea, the desert . . . all the good things in one place and at one time! It is the most fun in the world!” That is how Roger Clyne sums up what is Circus Mexicus.

Each year, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers pack up their panchos, sombreros and music and head to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco for their biggest concert event of the year. The music is rock ’n’ roll with Mexican mariachi spice and some indisputable world beat rhythms; joined by the ocean, the sunset, the stars and fireworks to create the perfect blend of Circus Mexicus.

The audience is likewise a diverse blend of all ages. Many long-time fans will travel to Peñasco for Circus Mexicus, which is a three-day extravaganza! Roger Clyne has a loyal following (formerly of The Refreshments, whose single Banditos, released in 1996, remains their best-known song). The band hopes that along with offering great music, Circus Mexicus will be a positive economic boost for the local businesses and vendors of Puerto Peñasco. Likewise, the hope is that the local audience will be receptive to the blanket invitation to be a part of Circus Mexicus, thus demonstrating that no border should ever keep people apart!

Roger has a passion for Mexico, which demands notice in his lyrics and music. This passion extends to his candid and realistic response to the recent media campaign that generalizes the entire country of Mexico in an extremely negative sweep. Of course, he recognizes that there are dangers anywhere, even in our own backyard. However, his belief is that “a rational mind will trump fear.” That by being judicious and using common sense, we CAN travel safely to places that we love. Only by doing so will we “reclaim our rational minds by thinking outside of the fear box.”

Roger recalls, as an example, a recent trip when he brought one of his sons to Puerto Peñasco for a sailing trip. Of course, he would never put any of his children in danger. But, he adds, “we cannot cower in fear; but live life with gusto!” Roger speaks with an obvious pride when it comes to his family. “The most precious thing in my life,” he says when speaking of his family: wife Alisa, his partner of 18 years, and his children, Otis who is 12, and the twins, Rusty and Lillie who are 10.

Themes of love, passion, the desert and Mexico run strong in many of Roger’s lyrics. He tends to haunt Peñasco when in search of some new inspiration. A favorite spot is under the salt cedars on the porch of JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay where lines to many of his songs were written, including the song Your Name on a Grain of Rice, which includes this reference to JJ’s Cantina:

And now my second home is a third-world cantina
I spend years alone every day I don't see you
And to me the sunset is sinkin' in the sea
Looks like my own bleedin' corazon

The lyrics are a bit of conscience and a lot of pure, overt fun. When you add decibels, sombreros and fireworks, you have Circus Mexicus!

The three-day 2009 Circus Mexicus extravaganza begins on Friday, June 5, with the Hot Dog and a Smile charity event at JJ’s Cantina to raise money for Esparanza para los Niños orphanage. Music by P.H. Naffah and The Railbenders. Hot dogs served for donations and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated. The main event will take place at Chango’s Bar & Grill just behind the Sonoran Sea and Spa at a new outdoor venue. The opening band is Dead Rock West from Los Angeles. On Sunday everyone can return to JJ's Cantina for the 2009 Mañanathon.

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