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San Felipe Weather...100% Chance Of Rain...In Places

San Felipe Weather...100% Chance Of Rain...In Places

After yesterday's sunny skies and 100 degrees weather we are are in for a bit of a shift. Day break reveled cloudy skies with a temperature of 80. In the last few hours you can fell the humidity rising and the smell of rain is in the air. Looking at the radar the red spots indicate heavy rain. Looks like pretty isolated cells dumping water and most of the activity occurring north of us. Checking wind direction there doesn't appear to be much fueling this and the forecast is only for a 20% chance of rain...but tell that to the highway workers getting dumped on as I write. Low to mid 90s with cloud cover and a chance of rain cells busting here and there. Its not everyone who can claim that they have experienced rain in San Felipe...Enjoy!

Photo by Radar:
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