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San Felipe Weather...All You Weather Watchers Out There

San Felipe Weather...All you weather watchers out there may have noticed that there was no weather yesterday. Well actually there was weather but here at weather central we were experiencing more technical problems of a serious nature. So yesterday under cloudy skies and warm but just a bit muggy conditions, I did yard work, while my son the techie built me a new and better computer out of some of the piles of computers & components here at Las Palmas Segunda.
I know I know your thinking that I should have just hustled my butt down to an internet cafe and informed all you Inquiring Minds as to your weather fate. But without my connection to the world, I didn't know if it were safe to leave my place. The thought of an internet cafe...sitting next to people who are breathing, touching a keyboard that had been touched by others who maybe harboring the horrible Swine flu virus on their grubby fingers, or abducted by the Aliens who had invaded our planet...Like I said I had lost me connection to the world.

Back on line and now know that our world is still here...and so let there be weather. Today's temps to the mid 80's, high light clouds and our ever present breeze. (fells like I've said that before. Cloudy again tomorrow but generally excellent weather. Go out and enjoy...Its safe!

Photo by Sean:
Shrimp Boat at Gonzaga Bay

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