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San Felipe Weather...Movin On

San Felipe Weather...Movin On.

Yesterdays high temperature was 130 degrees,... at least it was that hot inside the giant metal box attached to the Budget Rental truck chassis, as we carefully stacked the possessions of our friend Glenda for it's long bumpy ride to Tennessee. It was 92 degrees on the beach outside the box. The cooling breeze could have been a bit stronger as we roamed the property packaging the collected memorabilia of 8 plus years as a full time San Felipe resident, and twice voted Best Real Estate Agent in San Felipe by the Mexico Living Readers.

Today as we wave good by to our friend Glenda it will be alittle cooler than yesterday,... probably won't break 90 and the humidity is inline with the word comfortable. A good day to remember some of the fun we had with our friend Glenda.

Picture by Sean:
Our Friend Glenda
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