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San Felipe Weather...On The Road Again

On The Road Again.

The weather guy was on the road again yesterday with a hastily planned trip of opportunity to Mexicali. The whole famdanmily including the newest addition 10 day old Ashley was along for the ride. She needed to get a foot printed. The road to Mexicali during the construction of the new Mex 5 north of San Felipe is coming along well. You are routed you off the pavement from what seems like just north of El Dorado damn near all the way to the Check point at Hwy 3.

All in all most parts of the temporary dirt road is better quality than many of the roads in San Felipe, doing the speed limit is generally no problem, but I'd leave the Ferrari parked in the garage until the completion of the pavement.

It warmed up quick as we headed north away from the water and headed into the desert. With over a thousand pounds of heating producing bodies in the van it was no match for the air conditioning so we did the trip windows down and were comfortable as long as we were moving.

Mexicali was warm and seat of the pants, (it's that time when everything you sit on outside is getting hot) told me the temperature had broken the ...ton , or over 100 degrees, but very dry.

Spending several hours at La Cachanilla shopping center, the flu scare didn't seem to slow anyone down. Only the sanitation crew at the mall wore masks as a steady flow of shoppers and young women sporting fashionable wear, (I miss seeing women in high heels) went about their business. Looks as though the economy in Mexicali isn't all doom and gloom.

Long after dark the trip back through the desert was very warm, the temp dropped as we arrived in San Felipe, at Weather Central, if felt cooler, even through it registered 89 degrees at 10:00 PM last evening.

Today's weather: looking at high temps in the low to mid nineties with humidity well within the comfortable range. Keep that breeze coming and we are in for a lovely day...Enjoy

Photo by Sean:
Desert Scenery
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