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San Felipe Weather...Sounds Like A Broken Record

San Felipe Weather...Sounds Like A Broken Record. I am guessing that our readers are all of the age to remember the annoyance of a scratch in the vinyl record. You remember the "skip" which actually didn't skip but repeated the same grove over and over. In some of my internet surfing I came across an interesting piece that explained how cactus needles from Baja were used as early phonograph needles...but that's not my point.. well it is a point but not my point. The annoying repeat was unfixable and know as a broken record. Well San Felipe weather is beginning to sound like a broken record, highs to the mid 80's lows in the low 70's lots of sunshine patchy clouds and our friend the constant breeze...its a good thing we like the tune. Don't think we'll put this back in it's duct jacket just yet I kinda like it, but it won't be long before we will have some hot tunes. Enjoy!
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